The Top 10 Financial Links Of The Day

Of Two Minds – Students: you are exploited debt-serfs

Macon - Dalton-based Shaw Industries has notified Georgia state officials that it plans to close a plant in the north Georgia town of Chatsworth, which will involve layoffs for hundreds of workers. A Tuesday letter from Shaw to the Georgia Department of Labor states that closing the facility on U.S. Highway 76 in Chatsworth will result in about 302 employees being laid off.

Financial Post – Why housing is still in a vicious downward spiral

People Daily – Data from shows that turnover in the commercial housing market in Beijing fell in March 2011.

The Market Oracle - Gold and oil will soar when the Saudi monarchy falls

Zero Hedge - Two years after Obama promised to cut the budget in half by the end of his first term (it appears he was confused by math symbols: he meant divide by half), here he is again, reading from the teleprompter, and making a bunch of senseless promises that have no chance in hell of coming true. Most notably, Obama will promise to cut $4 trillion over the next decade.  Of course since by $2020 the budget deficit will be measured in quadrillions, a $4 trillion cut out of $X quadrillion is actually perfectly feasible. Which is why we take back everything we said: Obama will absolutely come through on his promise.

Casey Research – Keeping capital in a depression

The Automatic Earth – Bill Gross: Master of monetary psy-ops

Bloomberg - More than 1,000 kilometers from Tokyo, Seoul is having its very own crisis of faith in tap water, and radiation isn’t to blame. In South Korea, the carcasses of 9.7 million cattle, pigs and poultry were buried in mass graves across the frozen countryside after outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and bird- flu last winter. That’s raised concerns that pollutants may enter groundwater now that the soil has thawed, said Jun Kwan Soo, a professor of environmental engineering at Yeungnam University.

Gallup – Consumer confidence plummets in March

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