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First, as always happens, the BLS revised last week’s non-credible mega miss even worse, from 412K to 416K. As for this week, the number will end up being worse than 403K, which is what was reported for this week, to be revised upward to 406K or so next week. This is (and will be) much higher than the expected 390K. And so Tim Geithner has to start his latest “Welcome to the Recovery – edition 2011″ draft from scratch. Continuing claims also were well above expectations, printing 20K over consensus at 3,695K. Last week’s number of 3,680K was revised, gee, higher to 3,702K. And just as importantly those hitting the 99 week cliff seem to be accelerating: those on EUCs dropped 24K, while people on extended benefits declined by 47K. Total number of persons claiming benefits across all programs dropped by 217K in the week ended April 2. And so the Yen carry trade unwinds once again: the USDJPY just plunged to 81.72.

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