Leaving London

This is an interesting video that illustrates why this faction will never get what it wants, and why they are treated with contempt by the civil servants in their employ.

Firstly, those factions that get action (you know, a fair share of their entitlements, community centers, and university departments) do not stand on their feet when police wade into a crowd. These police have no fear of the peaceful pot smoker; and for this reason the peaceful pot smoker will continue to be pushed down and kneed in the guts. Now, pot smokers are the least of our social ills. But those more evil get more respect. Why? Perhaps our pot smokers should emulate third world methods more, if they want to be treated like Canadians.

Much more, I cannot say, because we do not have freedom of speech.

Aside: what sort of weaklings stand around while their friends are abused? The message here is that it is open season on pot smokers for the petty criminal out for cell phones, cash, or credit cards.

Darwin take these people for their weakness.

3 Responses to “Leaving London”

  1. maddinosaur Says:

    Lorna Pardy gets freedom of speech, maybe you could be a lesbian if you want it?

    Rights for thee not for yee this is Canada.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Understanding the pecking order of victimization helps. I never tell anyone I am white; I find some better victim group to belong to.

  3. Steynian 445 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] had a delicious Easter holiday; Thinking about the Unthinkable; Much more, I cannot say, because we do not have freedom of speech; MENSA Good Friday Teaser; Mandatory Voting? No Thanks …. [...]

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