Astrology and Hollywood

Barry O’bama, his destiny is written in the stars.
For details, you will have to click to enlarge. Finally, the great unifier has his birth certificate out. So freshly typed looking, and with a birth time. Now the astrologer can go to work.

The multi named one has two ruling planets: the Sun, and Saturn. Like all great men, he has acquired some enemies, and has his share of victories.

This man is the embodiment of the archetypical opposition between Virgo and Pisces. Ruling Sun in the sixth house and the ruling Saturn in the twelfth. So, his destiny is derived from the Piscean age, which, unfortunately for him, has just passed. Some will say he is yesterdays man, the employment equity candidate in a time that is not looking for skin tone, but ability. You must admit, he is the embodiment of the twentieth century man. Got all the right pieces of paper, the victim status, the doting white paymaster; alas, this is the twenty-first century.

Not so secret enemies. Two planets in the house of self undoing. Powerful Saturn, ruling in Capricorn; and Jupiter, ruling in the twelfth house. This man has had assistance from strangers, people with money and influence (likely members of academia or the judiciary). These people care about him. So much so that they have blackened (oops, whitened) their souls and reputation. As he has secrets, even from himself, these will be revealed when planets transit over his ascendent: which is given at 18 Aquarius.

More secrets. Neptune square to the Sun, from the ninth house too. Hmmmm. Secret ideology, secret beliefs. Ideology forces this fellow to act; and his ideology is hidden. It also means secret agendas force him to act. And, Barry will force the ideology into a crisis. When you add in those secret benefactors and enemies in the house of secrets, you get a modern politician. With a touch of Byzantium, and a Wormtongue.

The homeland. Taurus rules his fourth house, but the rest is in Gemini. His mother (as denoted by the Moon in his fourth house) has two allegiances, and neither of them are to the nation that Barry serves. I wonder whom she serves? [With Neptune transiting by square to his natal Moon, we should see some forced actions as regards Barry's homeland, wherever that is].

For a Leo, there is too much fog. Venus in the fifth house is good for the legacy, but currently opposed by Pluto. A forced choice, another forced choice, between the love of a good woman and love of wealth. Ideology, again. Barry will destroy (er, try) to destroy the economy for the love of a woman. How romantic!

The truth will leak out. They will also rise up and revolt. Barry has a Moon Pluto square; he will force the people to act, to revolt. He might think he is Robespierre, but he is more like Louis. Maybe he should have listened more to the people of the country he lives in, rather than the ones that lie to him about it.

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