Thoughts On The 2011 Canadian Election

Another Canadian election is in the books and Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are the proud owners of a brand spanking new majority government.

The socialist party won 103 seats and will form the official opposition. The liberals and Bloc were beaten like rented mules, and in the Bloc’s case, they will not even receive official party status.

The leader of the the liberals, Michael Ignatief, lost his seat in Etobicoke, while separatist leader, Gilles Duceppe, failed to win his seat in Whereverville Quebec.

All in all, if you are a Conservative or a socialist, this morning you will be partying like it’s 1999 (or in the Conservative case, 1986). If you are a liberal or a Bloc-head, you will most certainly be on suicide watch.

Notable liberal losses, ones that made The Mayor smile from ear to ear include, but are certainly not limited to: Ken Dryden, good riddance.

Mark Holland, Ajax Pickering – done nothing but collect cheques since arriving on parliament hill.

Ruby Dhalla – voters don’t want slave owners.

Joe Volpe – out with the old.

Gerard Kennedy – “the future of the liberal party.”

Dan McTeague – useless from the start. Useless to the end. Get a job.

John Cannis – a true liberal. Never showed up to vote, only cared for his fellow Greek countrymen, blight on society.

The list goes on and on, those are just a few of the deadbeats The Mayor has watched over the years who wasted our air.

Bob Rae declared that the biggest irony EVA was that voters left the liberals to go to the ndp, and in turn gave the Conservatives a majority gov’t. Rae totally missed the irony that the ndp, if elected, would have destroyed Canada, but since the voters left the liberals for the ndp, the ndp ended up completely obliterating the Bloc, the party that wants to destroy Canada. Now THAT’S irony!

Polls are for chumps. The last poll The Mayor saw had the Conservatives ahead of the ndp 33.6% to 32%. The Conservatives ended up with over 40% and the ndp 30%. Kinda reminds me when the polls had Rob Ford in a dead heat with Smitherman. Ford only won the biggest landslide in Toronto political history.

Even though Global, the CBC, Toronto Star and all the other rag outfits will never admit this, Stephen Harper is a genius. He not only held on to power through the toughest economy in decades, he solidified and expanded his support. Remarkable. No matter how much you hear the pundits crow about how well Smilin’ Jack the commie did, the fact is that the Tories have a 5 year mandate to run Canada. And in the end, they are the best of the worst.

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  1. Free Canuckistan! Says:

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  2. cudgel Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the talking screwheads, Fife, Mansbridge, Don Martin, Floyd Robertson, Drunkee Laflamme etc etc., all slowing dying as the Con #’s crossed the majority finish line.

    And has that buffoon Jackass Jack ever paid rent/mortgage in his miserable life?…the S.O.B., boy that pisses me off the sawed-off runt gets to play house with that Chinese gal in Stornoway.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    More subsidized housing for the jackall.

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    “… like rented mules”?
    More like borrowed donkeys.

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Subsidized asses.

  6. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I thought that Ruby Dhalla was pretty. she deserves to be in the H o C.
    I thought that Josée Verner was real pretty, she deserves to be in the H o C.
    I thought that Elizabeth May should not be in the H o C.

    There are others, that dark haired dish from Edmonton, and I like Diane Ablonzy’s voice. It’s bedroom voice.
    Are there guys in the H o C?

  7. Meme Mine Says:

    All the parties had the same election promises.

  8. Mitchieville’s musings on the Canadian election — Says:

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