Criminal Of The Week

If you’ve ever read the criminal handbook (available on Amazon), you’ll remember clearly that it states on page 23, section 2, paragraph 4; never get into a scuffle, or a kerfuffle, or a brouhaha, while getting your hair cut. ALWAYS wait until you get yo mop clipped yo, or you find yosef with a dew full of half frizzies.

Fo sho, tell you friends, dawg shit.

2 Responses to “Criminal Of The Week”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Somehow, there is a Human Rights complaint in this. For one, the media did not report this victim of police oppressions’ street name. Mind you, there are plenty of hair stylists in the prison system to lovingly finish his ‘do.

    I am so upset by this that I am going to go out and commit street crime.

  2. OMMAG Says:

    Can’t get better than that………….

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