2011 NHL Playoffs – Lose Some, Lose Some

As far as predictions go, the second round of the 2011 NHL Playoffs were a complete disaster for The Mayor. He scored a whopping 1/4, only getting the Vancouver/Nashville series right.

That’s poor.

But The Mayor does have a legitimate excuse for doing so poorly: he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

But with only two rounds left, four teams remaining, The Mayor is confident that he can redeem himself.

Tampa/Boston – The Mayor hasn’t taken the Bolts yet and they seem to be doing alright, so let’s go with them. Bolts over the Bruins in 5.

Vancouver/San Jose – The Mayor has picked Vancouver in both rounds and they have come through each time, so let’s reverse course and pick San Jose in 6.

Thems the picks, and they are gold. The Mayor is so confident that his picks will come through, that if they don’t, if his picks don’t peter out, The Mayor will give one lucky Mitchievillian (who puts his/her hockey predictions in the comment section) Fenris Badwulf’s golden Gordie Howe signed hockey stick.

Yes, a golden hockey stick. that’s gotta be worth like a million dollars.

So what say you, give The Mayor yer picks. Don’t be shy, after all, you can’t do any more craptastic than The Mayor did last round.

3 Responses to “2011 NHL Playoffs – Lose Some, Lose Some”

  1. cudgel Says:

    Boston in 7 and Vancouver in 6.

  2. Buck Says:

    Yzerbolts in six, Vancouver in six or less. I will never, ever root for Fish nor give them credit for bein’ anything but the luckiest team in the NHL at the moment.

  3. Phaedra Says:

    ´Nucks in six. Bolts in 7.

    Release your inner tortured Leaf twaddle. Burke´s head explodes.

    ´Nucks all the way.

    Nuck´s women always wax Brazilian.

    Stanley like it real smooth that way.

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