Short Week Pic Dump Week Weak Week

The Mayor has had this picture on his computer for about 4 years now. He actually transferred this picture from an older computer onto his newish puter. But he’ll be damned if he knows why.

The Mayor is pretty sure he had a funny line regarding this picture, but since he didn’t post it quick-smart, he lost the thread of the joke and now he’s stuck with a picture of a half-faced woman who serves her man rice. That’s not very funny. Or maybe it’s hysterical.

Whatever it is, it’s now officially off The Mayor’s computer, and truth be told, we are all alot better for it.

2 Responses to “Short Week Pic Dump Week Weak Week”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:


  2. Buck Says:

    Thanks for that link, J.M., the comments there were pretty good. But nuthin’ like… or even close to… the run o’ the mill Mitchieville comments, tho. The Mayor has real perve… ummm… funny and creative commenters in His Fair City.

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