Watching Television with Fenris Badwulf

Day three of the socialist angst over the riots in Vancouver. Does anyone care as much as the news readers of the CBC? I can see them hold back the tears as they interview each other in their air conditioned studios in Toronto. Getting to the bottom … er, catching the spirit of the city … er, flapping your leftist gums … er, whatever. The answer to the problem of activist angst was right in front of their noses. I guess their eyes were stuck shut what with all that sticky white guilt ejaculated all over their face.

Hooligans no longer victims of oppression. For the last, what, four decades, criminals have been getting the get out of jail free card. I was in high school and we did the mock trial thing: the bandit was supposed to get off; the teacher was visibly happy when the student jury brought in a verdict of not guilty. In the vanguard of this brainwashing was the CBC. Jack the Ripper had a difficult childhood. His mom had or had not breast fed him, because she did nor did not embrace her lesbian inclinations, and his dad was a bad influence because he played hockey, had a job in the private sector, and liked to have sex with women. Fourty years of deprived childhoods cause crime, not criminals; Alberta farmers are the real fingers on the trigger of youth gun crime, blah blah blah, woof woof, and let us sing the Internationale, red comrades. So what happened with this particular riot, this particular crime? Where were the leftist media to harp about punishment and apprehension during the crime waves in Toronto, the subway bandits, or the other leftist voter base crime sprees? The lips of the media party are still sticky from the white guilt splashed on their face when they idolized the heroic anarchist rioters at the G20. Why the change in tune, you CBC strokers of the shaft of socialism?

Hitting the nail on the head. I watched their mouths move over the words, but the light of understanding was absent from their state funded minds.

Small number of anarchists who were planning to start a riot. Maybe the small number of anarchists who were planning to start a riot were the ones to start the riot. After all, they were prepared, and planning to start a riot. Kinda like the heroes of the G20. Evil corporations (the ones where your pension money is invested) have a bad rep in the university arts faculty world. So, we have a lone wolf faction out to spark up riots now.

High school students let out early for the Big Game. Yes, the crowd was different, observed the Television Reporter with his Boots on the Ground. So the products of the politically correct education system were quick to smash and burn? Why is that? Did they have the winking math teacher who taught them that dope, drinking, pre marital sex, mocking Christianity, contempt for the police, and admiration for the serial killer Che, was OK, was cool, was the adult way to be? I know I did. Gee, comrades, the high school youth were just acting out their anger over poverty, homophobia, or the lingering effects of colonialism in Africa. They were taught to riot, have been taught to riot for some decades since comrade Trudeau. Now you care? You media types hated the Beaver Cleaver model of man with job married to woman with children by man with job living in house with car who vacation at cottage on Lake. No room there for cocksucking, getting their eighteen year old daughter an abortion, or puffing your pension and pay with guilt based no results social spending. They were putting it to the Man, comrades, those high school kids.

A call for more social spending. I waited for the call for more social spending, but the breathless wench (whom I cannot identify as the mistress of a senior CBC exec because of a lack of free speech in this country) left that part out. Maybe the ability challenged news writer forgot to put that into the pitch for the news reader. Maybe a community center. They have done a great job here in Toronto: N-person crime is increasing at a decreasing rate. Glorious victory for socialism. Why not here, in riot damaged Vancouver? How about some free meals? Hand out some laptops. Oh well. Maybe the one smart activist will get his voice heard and they will work in the pitch for social spending, like Saul Alinsky, the politically correct non-Israeli Jew would suggest in his cookbook for community organizers.

Sears is burning. Only a few steps from the arena. I know people who work at Sears. I think the CBC building here in Toronto is as far from the Skydome as the Sears store is from the arena. You do not think that the organized and prepared anarchists are going to strike at a sports event that happens in Toronto, at the Skydome, so close to the CBC’s headquarters, do you? Who are those anarchists, anyway? Could be anyone, anyone who does not work for a living. Probably used a Canada Council Grant to buy all the masks, gloves, and molotov cocktails. For that matter, anyone with a grudge could set up a riot starting squad using the Lone Wolf tactics. Sacking the CBC would be a great way to generate sympathy for the statist media (and ensure continued funding). Imagine the outpouring of care as a shocked audience watches some Che Guevara CBC news reader gets a crowbar to the face. And after the front four faces of CBC propaganda are crucified (bring sixteen nails), sixteen taxpayers will never have to pay taxes again! What an exciting image!

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  1. Flea Says:

    You say this as if you had never set fire to a Prius on Walpurgisnacht.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Your words made me burst into tears. I once burnt a village just to impress the love of my life. She spurned me for a white knight, a paladin. So much for that. No, never have I torched a Prius. It was an old Corvair that was torched, actually.

  3. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    It’s CBC Toronto’s theatrical attempt to dramatise the Grouse Mountain Grind for the elucidation of its Rosedale viewers.

    …and hockey to Maple Leaf fans.


  4. Crusader Says:

    Corvairs torched themselves.

    But I’m with Flea – one can only drive behind a Prius for so long before wishing on a Death Star.

  5. The MaleMan Says:

    This event is due to a lack of proper policing. They obviously knew that there would be an element of criminal activity in the crowd especially in game 7. They were prepared but rather than attacking the problem they chose to lock down all the honest citizens with the hoodlums. No-one is perfect but if you don’t even try there is a strange sense of inadequacy. They did the best they could with what they had but the riot was inevitable since they obviously didn’t pre-screen people as they gathered. Anyone that brought young children to such an event I can only question your mental capabilities in a modern world. A riot was inevitable win or lose. Why would you expose your children to a late night crowd of rowdies??? But of course I am not an optimist I am a realist & expect people to be assholes when given the chance of anonymity. Hidden by the crowd. didn’t work quite as good as they thought.

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