Thinking about the unthinkable

Some people have noticed something strange going on in the local coffee shop. The staff were acting strange. Their complexion was flushed, a sheen of sweat, and a manic smile on their face. They swallowed a lot. There were strange faces behind the counter, people not seen working at the register, behind the muffins and coffee pots. The Rabies Weapon, surely not.

The rabies weapon. Rabies that changes the personality of its victims. They last around 28 days, and in the first three weeks of infection their behavior is altered. They want to spit in your food. They want to infect you. Still mostly human, the venom alters their personality. Science has discovered organisms that do this; it only takes a bit of lab work to prove up our day to day rabies to graft on an urge to infect others, to bite in silence, and to co-operate with others. Some say the infected are like zombies. Only it is the disease that eats the brains, not the victims.

Socialism will save us. Sure it will. With open borders, a hostile power or vengeful mad scientist can easily transport samples of the agent into your home town. With a security apparatus focused on home grown, white christian terrorism, an alien, non-white, non-christian agent, agents, organization can easily recruit and disburse the rabies weapon right where you buy your morning coffee. Maybe you are too sleepy to notice the symptoms of the infected behind the counter in that first week. Maybe it is someone else who gets his coffee with a wad of spit on top of the creamer. If you did open your yap, and flap your gums about it, you could get called a racist, face a human rights fine. You better shut up, look down, and not make eye contact; your eyes to the fevered, glassy eyes of the infected. People spit in the food at restaurants all the time. Making them wash the shit off their hands is racism. Maybe it is just that, this time. Move along, tax payer scum.

Health care will save us. Sure it will. During the SARS epidemic in Toronto, Canada, they were sending the exposed home on public transit with a brochure. Nurses and doctors did not show up for shifts. It was not in their culture. They do not was their hands, anyway. The dark minds that created the Rabies Weapon know this. Each extra cup of coffee with a tea spoon of spit is another victim, another brain eaten from the inside. The disease induces its victims to plot and plan to spread the plague. Would a doctor who does not wash his hands put two and two together, or would is he ability challenged and hold his, her, his-her, position as reparation for slavery and colonialism? Besides, the idiots guide to medical general practice says rabies takes fourteen days. The Rabies Weapon takes twenty eight. The Rabies Weapon cannot be a weaponized, designed to spread in progressive culture, open borders crossing disease. It is not in the book. There would be a big picture of it in the big picture, big print medical brochure the honky socialist human resources babe handed out.

Multi-culturalism will save is. Sure it will. Canada is one big happy racist shithole. We have tribes, now. Ethnic enclaves. And only the criminals have unregistered weapons. When the third week hits, after weeks of feel good censorship from the state media, bucked up by the ability challenged hires in the health care industry, people will do what they are told. Some will gather in mobs at community centers demanding more funding. Some will roam public transit, stealing Ipods from the foamy mouthed dead, only pausing to wipe the infectious drool from the key pad. Some will roam the streets in packs, feverish and filled with a compulsion to bite which works well with their cultural imperative to loot, rape, and murder. Just a few youth running around, the media will say. It is the heat of summer, or they are worried about global warming. That is why they bite you, where they just used to beat you.

Gun control will save you. Sure it will. As you sit in your house, lights out, hoping the reparations collectors will bash in the neighbors door and not yours, you can whisper into your cell phone as you call 911. Press seven for english, but you have to wait for the canned voice to work through selections one through six. Do not worry, there are cameras on the street, and cameras in the po-lice cruisers, and cameras in the po-lice helicopter. They can identify the perps by matching up your DNA under their fingernails and in their stomachs with the vids of you and your family having their heads cracked open with a concrete block. Justice, socialist style.

Global Warming is going to destroy the planet. Sure it will. Your personal death is the fault of George Bush. The foreign power, the mad scientist who created the Rabies Weapon is just doing what the god awful heat was going to do anyway. Did you think about that over the last three snowless winters? And when you are dead, a stinking, bloated corpse in your living room, you have a smaller carbon foot print. You know the green shirted, ability challenged activists think a smaller tax payer population is just what the planet needs. The tax spenders will just breed back, and besides, they have cute tribal customs. And there are green shirts all through the pyramid structure of the state. How many of them will not believe the warning memoranda, even if they find time to read it in their busy day of eating food at your expense?

The Rabies Weapon. It starts with things being a bit off at the public places where you sip your coffee and park your arse as you hide behind a book from the hate filled glances of the victims of colonialism in Africa. The apparatus of state is having a siesta. You, you are going to die. It all starts when you go to work to pay for the people who are asleep at the wheel. The dead white males said that having wild animals in your cities was a bad idea, but with ability challenged activists pushing the Global Warming agenda, that stopped being true. All those raccoons, skunks, rats, feral cats; with their fleas, ticks, and bedbugs, they do not carry rabies. At least until some test tube jockey figured out how to make it so and to make your city green again when the trees and shrubs reclaim the burnt out wreckage. The Rabies Weapon. Twenty eight days.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    “expecting the unexpected” …

    whoa, never saw that coming.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    I was visiting London, Ontario, and out downtown with an old friend. We went into my old hang out coffee shop, just for old times sake.

    The staff, I recognized nobody from when I used to be a regular only six months ago. Instead of tired white women, there was a progressive mix of young wenches of varying shades of not white.

    There was a customer – staff argument going on. The customer was accusing the staff of spitting in her food.

    My buddy and I, we left.

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