Activist versus Activist

From Drudge:

ANONYMOUS declares war on Orlando … *

I know what you are thinking: White right wing Christian extremists, bent on restoring slavery, poverty and forcing everyone to have a gun.

Further Reading: Nope, it is a bunch of activists with their white guilt drippy lips out of lip lubricant because they cannot hand out food to the homeless. Some named glorious comrade was arrested. Now, they issue threats, and the main stream media is puffing it up. Leftist activists are scary, man. Maybe Orlando better subsidize the distribution of food to the homeless, just like it already does. Where Baby Momma and her brood got ten soya burgers, not they must have twenty! Baby Daddy, when on parole, needs condoms to sell for dope, and a balanced diet to make up for the balanced diet he had in prison, juvenile hall, and all three years of grade eight.

Implied threat: We will bring Orlando to its knees. We are activists, we enforce the rich creamy goodness of social spending over the will of the evil white right wing Christian extremists.

Pause for thinking: The Homeless need food? How many layers of socialist social services are there that hand out food? Is not obesity a problem with our never workers, not famine? Does not your community feed the homeless, now? Has done for decades? So much so they breed like well fed rats and rabbits, gnaw the structure of the state, and mess up the city with poop and piss?

How did the Ace reporter infiltrate this mob? Let me guess … He made it up. Let me guess … He set up the organization himself. A real secret organization is not so cavalier with their secrets; and a real security apparatus would use the reporter to expose them. We are constantly told we live in a police state, why is not the Ace reporter off being tortured for information? When is he going to get shot in the head and dumped in the street? Hmmm?

Conclusion: The mission of our socialist social services in providing food for the homeless has failed. After decades of spending, hiring, propaganda, and capital spending, these incompetents cannot manage this simple task. Ability challenged activists, indeed. Speaking of ability challenged, the reporter(s) who are, JournoLista fashion, behind the creative writing of this propaganda, should realize that this does not support the ‘right wing terror’ meme. Maybe having a few homeless people set on fire, or skinned alive, or just taken off the welfare rolls, would get the message across about ‘right wing terror’.

Activists are ability challenged; socialist social services are incompetent.

Action Plan: In a country without free speech, there is not much I can tell you in public. I suggest you use your imagination. The lone wolves among you will know what to do.

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