Revisiting Leaderless Resistance

Leaderless Resistance is a controversial concept. The man who described it, Louis Beam *, is an evil white man. Most groups who have used it for resistance are cutie pie leftist organizations, as the wikipedia article mentions * (because, as every comrade knows, enviro terrorism is neither hate nor terror). You can read Louis’ essay yourself. And when you do, you will learn that the lone wolf activist figures things out for himself. So you will not find Fenris Badwulf telling you how to make an atomic bomb out of a smoke detector * * . Instead, I want to talk about the great Pyramid of the Statists.

Organizations come in three styles: the pyramid, the cell, and the lone wolf. Those lone wolves just go and figure things out for themselves. Cells get direction and resources from the outside. Of course, there never was a Communist conspiracy to infiltrate the United States * * . Stalin may have done so to every other country on the earth, but not the U.S.A., but if he had wanted to (Stalin being a ‘B star’ red star personality, unlike the Hollywood royalty of Lenin, Trotsky, and T-shirt mogul Che Guevara) he would have used the cell method. But that never happened. Just a bunch of lies put out by the evil capitalists, corporations (the ones not used in pension investments), and slave owning Republicans. Which leaves us with the more interesting Pyramid structure, which is used by the Statists, because they can.

Statism is a pyramid type culture. You advance in ranks; the easiest rank to identify is the ‘have degree’/'dont have degree’ stripe worn on the invisible uniform jacket of statist privilege. All statists, on the other hand, need some form of ‘victim’ status. The cottage industry in fake victimization incidents (every N-person has a beloved grandpa who personally defeated some racist organization in a night battle; despite not knowing who dad, or who dad’s dad was) is so widespread that it has even overflowed the memory hole of the state media apparatus. If the statist in question lacks the moxy to make up a victim pedigree, they can always borrow something. They will decorate their public spaces with icons celebrating some victim group. So these are the three more obvious manifestations of the statists: degrees, victim status, and icons of same.

Motivation. Why would anyone put up a picture of the peaceful, vegetarian plains indian, and ignore the fact they were not vegetarian, nor peaceful? Because statists want to advance in material possessions. I have yet to meet or hear of a statist who did not, in the end, be revealed to be a luxury and wealth grubbing materialist. The term limo liberal has a dark ring of truth to it. Statists are just the greedy capitalists of yesteryear, retooled for the public sector. Tell me it is not so.

Ability challenged activist is not a satirical term. Statists do not promote based on Ability, but Loyalty. This is a weakness, is it not? It used to be when I was taught in school. In the early days of statism in the Ontario educational system, the classic criticism of the Monarchy was that dumb ass kid could follow clever, charming dad. This fact is still true, although the statists have abandoned it; there are too many dumb ass children of clever, charming statists holding down positions of high pay, pension, and bankable sick days. None the less, the statist pyramid is now peppered with blocks of inferior clay, where marble or concrete are called for. There are some real dummies planted in the state apparatus now, and from them comes incompetence, over obvious corruption, and pot holes. Statists promote on Loyalty.

Loyalty in word, loyalty in action. As we have seen, statists are not so fussy about action: The feminists embracing the burqa. the queers celebrating homophobes in their parade, and the greenshirts zooming around in fleets of cars.

The lone wolves are out there.
These lone wolves can easily penetrate the pyramid of the statists. The statist pyramid is so big, by definition, that many lone wolves already work in its brain, heart, and guts. They can do so by putting on the skin of victimization: what they say is important; what they do is not. So, the lone wolf can, based on his personal understanding, know and do what is best to eat out the guts of the pyramid. I cannot speculate on methods, resources, and actions, because I am not the lone wolf, nor does the lone wolf communicate with other lone wolves (that would make it a cell, would it not?). I have no examples, but I know the effect. Look around you and you will, if you are diligent, wise, and subtle, opportunities for social engineering that are beyond the understanding of the statists.

Go out into the night of the statists, my hungry wolves
. You can sound like a statist, up until you tear out their throats.

3 Responses to “Revisiting Leaderless Resistance”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    this warms my heart.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Well then, if you knew what I knew you would feel that warmth that comes from being out on a cold night, with a tankard of rum, warm from a bonfire and listening to some witch go ’snap, crackle, pop’ on the fire. Gosh, I feel good. But I cannot tell you as we exist in a society without free speech.

    Nonetheless, do enjoy the fire. Mmmmm, rum.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    When I ask a bartender for “”Christmas rum”, they all know which one I want… we’ll see if this changes now that some that don’t know what is Christmas are filtering out of the taxi driver class or Bombay bomber types.

    clearly, I apologize if this offends anyone.

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