The Sleeping Sword

What happens when you mix resistant Gonorrhea * , promiscuous queers, multiculturalism, and an ability challenged health care system? Well, nothing: in a country without free speech, you cannot criticize the tribalism that is multiculturalism, you cannot associate bad with gay, and our health care professionals are angels of any god but Christ. So, the only people I know that talk about this mixture, are those that do so out of the earshot of a progressive informer (rat, in non-ebonic); and it is a property to those people in the know that they are also pretty much immune to the implications. But I will anyway; I care; I will use parables and difficult grammar which will trip up the ability challenged, judgement lawsuit greedy progressives.

How the heck could something as easy to treat as Gonorrhea develop an antibiotic strain? I do not have a clue how simple to treat diseases develop immunity. With all those disadvantaged people, people from non-Canadian cultures, picking up the plague because of the lingering effects of Colonialism in Africa, getting free antibiotics at the free health clinic, not a single one of them would not follow the instructions on the label (and repeated by the doctor, and the nurse, and the various staff on staff who are fluent in their language). It must be the racist white people out in rural Alberta. Between selling hand guns to darkies, they get the clap and then take half their medicine and then use the rest to cut dope. Typical white farmer scum. Blah blah blah. Really, who cares how a simple to treat disease became antibiotic resistant: the cat is out of the bag and the super bug is now here. The taxpayer is going to pay the consequences, and the tax spenders are going to have more presents from the guilty white man. This is just a new bag, with different colored pills. The bug is here.

There are no tribes: the Red Star would tell me if it was so. Some tribes put their women in potato sacks; some celebrate casual sex to the point that nobody knows who their father is. Since everyone gets funding, and the funders make sure the funded vote for more funding, and the funders have a temporal arm that persecutes those that can see and unwisely talk, there is no tribalism in Canada. Non-Hyphenated-Canadians, African-Caribbean-American-Canadians, Looter-Canadians, Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato-Canadians, and Diaper-Canadians are all part of a healthy mosaic that is underfunded and non tribal. Well, not so healthy now that the antibiotic resistant diseases are appearing. (And not because some cultures do not practice the racist act of hand washing after squeezing out a shit, or spraying piss on their hands; no way, that is racist white right wing extremist talk). They are unhealthy because of underfunding; and they are resentful because they know they are underfunded: the funders told them they are underfunded. They get together at their community centers and hoot, slap the ground, and toss vegetation when they listen to the tax spenders tell them what racist scum the tax payers are. So it must be true. But no responsibility can accrue to cultures that screw in the dark so much that eighty percent do not know who Daddy is; nor those have shit scented hands. It is not on the table, that concept. Wrap your lips around the wisdom stick of white guilt, and gobble down some.

Speaking of gobbling down white guilt,
there is a racist homophobic white right wing extremist meme out there that queers are promiscuous. This is a lie, spread by jackbooted white queer bashers, standing in their crisp uniforms, with squeeky leather belts and shoulder harnesses smelling of manly mink oil, while their buffed muscles stretch the fabric of their tailored uniforms from within, like a bull pushing at a gate trying to force his way into a narrow passage. When they are not working out in a gym, they are spreading this hatred, those vegetarian hating meanies (then, after their afternoon wardrobe change, and freshening up, they go into sports arenas and put swastikas on the bathroom walls; the naughty fiends). If you mix antibiotic resistance with a lifestyle (widespread, independent, and mobile) that has never really accepted the model of Leave it to Beaver, what do you get? Well, nothing, because if there was something, the ability challenged activists of the media would talk about, would they not? So there is nothing there, no issue, no problem, and not enough social spending to address it.

These diseases are worse than we faced in the past; they come to us in crowded cities stripped of the prophylactics of sanitation, animal control, and common sense. The watch dog media is a toothless cur used for the bestiality of the aristocrats. The wise man realizes that the survivors will practice monogamy, with virginity being lost on the marriage bed. The plague will spread like wildfire, like it always does with rutting primates. But this time, our doctors are shit fingered primates and diversity lobotomized quacks; they will make it worse. They do not wash their hands now: how many will get the plague from sticky finger’d Doctor Diversity in his clinic as they look at the big print, fully illustrated brochures on why Momma should not put Baby in the Oven, Fridge or Freezer.

It is coming;
it makes me laugh. If only I had received more funding, then more of you would live to tell about it.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    I left out the stuff on the new syphilis outbreak. The boffins are without a clue as to how it gets around. There was also a startling mention in the article (–syphilis-plague-on-the-rise-in-canada) about condoms. Read the article as they dance around the elephant in the room.

    It does not take much Global Warming science to see a antibiotic resistant syphilis coming into being.

    Of course, with an advertising campaign in our newspapers and state media it will all go away.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

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