The Daily Beggar

Toronto is crawling with beggars. Now they roam the side streets just off the main drags: if you are sitting on your porch a block to the north of Danforth (on Strathmore, say), there will be beggars, walking down the street asking you for smokes, money for food, and spitting when they get neither. Fat beggars sit in chairs outside of coffee shops, smoking premium smokes and asking for money. Rasta beggars stand in front of chicken joints. And whores offer up their bodies along the Danforth.

Begging is a great way to get me to give up smoking. It is a filthy habit, but just makes you a target for the eight AM beggar, his eyes red from … anger over the vestiges of Colonialism in Africa … to hit you up for a smoke. Maybe if I do not smoke they won’t beg from me.

Begging is a great way to illustrate the failure of social spending. All these parasites are begging because they do not get enough money, right? After some decades of spending, the problem is worse, not better. More spending will make it worse.

It is not that homelessness is a crime
, it is that criminals tend to be homeless. And for the Jack the Ripper culture out there (all white people are serial killers, don’t you know) it is only a matter of time for the one or two (who really is every whitie) to discover the rich harvest you can take in for enjoyment quick, or slow if you have a van, dungeon, and queer village bondage gear. Would the police notice if Jack the Ripper was harvesting the homeless, given that the leftist media is always attacking the cops, and you cannot squeeze much more attack out of always?

Nobody cares. If they did, the leftist media would talk about it. Everybody I talk to, shop owners, shop workers, commuters, neighbors who avoid the porch, do care and do talk. But they are right white wing extremists, except for the 100 percent who are not, as everybody I talk to is not white. Maybe I live in a Potemkin village where the darkies are paid agents of white privilege. Maybe not.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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