Chicks With Dicks

Why the picture of the three dalmatians, Mayor, I thought we were playing Chicks With Dicks, what gives? What gives is this, oh mighty question asker – when we play Chicks With Dicks, the Mayor typically posts a picture of the Chick that is married to the Dick The Mayor is referring to in said post. Seeing as today’s Dick is single, and admittedly lives with three dalmatians, the dogs are the closest objects The Mayor could get to finding a chick to accompany today’s Dick.

That was thoroughly exhausting. A back rub and a tumbler of cognac is the only thing that is going to help right now. And maybe some salt and vinegar chips, you bunch of angry haters of the BEST chips in the universe (you know who you are, don’t make The Mayor point you out and make a spectacle of your terrible choices in junk foods).

Today’s Dick is a creepy little maggot who was born in 1948 in a little place The Mayor likes to call the USA. He opened a gym in Beverly Hills way back when that catered to fat people, and a few years later came out with a series of videos that really launched his profession career (if you call jumping around in a pair of shorts acting like a little bitch a career).

Today’s Dick appears quite a bit on that not-funny show, David Letterman, and Letterman pretends to be mean to to him, and the crowd falls for it, and then Letterman goes home and spanks himself senseless (which wouldn’t be a Herculian task by any means) over the thought that he just embarrassed a fellow homosexual.

There’s not much more to say about today’s Dick other than he’s not funny or entertaining, and the second The Mayor sees Dick’s image anywhere, he immediately takes out a little brown bag he always holds in his upper right pocket of his Armani, and pukes until his lungs hurt.

Who is today’s Dick?

6 Responses to “Chicks With Dicks”

  1. Mr Fnortner Says:


  2. RiverRat Says:

    Could it be Chuck Norris, no wait it’s……Little Richard… Richard Simmons………….ya that’s the ticket.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Little Dick Simmons,the most aggravating person on the planet.

  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I bet that Ms Simmons eats Salt and Vinegar potato chips too.


  5. Debbie Says:

    Nah I’m betting that Richard likes fruit loops and not salt and vinegar chips.

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