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I cannot really say too much that has not been already said about the massacre at the Labor Youth camp and bombing of the Labor government buildings in Norway. I will just link to that stalwart, Remus, and suggest you follow his suggestion: wait for all the facts to come in. I know I would like to know more.

Those blue eyed blondes keep appearing on the CBC. Thank any god but Christ for the state broadcaster, working hard to get out the opinions your should have. I sure wish taxes would be increased to solve this debt crisis, or something similar. Then there would be more Beachcombers, more often.

In this period of sadness following the massacre of progressive youth in Norway, I turn to the role models that I was told to follow in my youth. There are so many of them. And it is only when their grip on power slips that the forces of reaction strike back. Let us hope that the progressives never give an inch, because then everything will be lost, just like what happened last time, and the time before, and the time before that. The counter revolution comes swiftly, comrades.

Things sure were awful back in the past. All white men were racists, busy raping women and spreading slavery. This white woman was just a drug addled whore. Now a days we have safe injection sites for her beside every battered woman’s shelter. So much better, even if things are always getting worse. With state debt what it is, this will never happen again.

I am going to end this Inside Mitchieville with a video, instead of a picture. I hope this raises awareness of the despicable, out of control police violence that occurred during the G20 protests.

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  1. maddinosaur Says:

    The last guy just lies there waits for him to reload and takes it. The sad thing is people do that.

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