Lamb chops crying in the frying pan

In the aftermath of the Norway massacre, the usual things were said. Anyone who is not left, is right. If you are right, you are hard right, extreme right, racist, and sexist. In relationships you are a rapist, and, all in all, you are a wolf, not paying enough taxes to support the never workers that vote reliably for the ability challenged leftist state. When you question the potholes, the public urination on public transit, the patterns that point to problems, you are scum, to be shouted down everywhere but the many cracks appearing in the Bolshevik dam holding back the working class.

The ability challenged left has cried wolf yet again, shouted fire in a crowded theater, and managed to alienate even more of the majority that are not socialists, not trained in the Frankfurt school, not slurpers of the white guilt that is stroked from the shaft of the leftist haters of all things western, Christian, and, dare I say, white. Blame was painted on various and sundry hate objects of the left, be they Christian fundamentalists, freemasons, or anyone who is not a Norwegian Labor party cadre. Sure. Nothing we have not heard before. The real message of the slaughter has sailed over their ability challenged brains.

These bullets have crosses marked on them. They must be Christian. Andrew Berwick, whom the left wishes to paint as a run of the mill, typical non-leftist guy, used them to slaughter the next generation of leftist leaders at their happy no more island retreat. Instead of doing the 9/11 thing and asking themselves why someone was moved to mass murder, they instead saw a Templar cross and mapped it over to the Pentecostals. Why did Andrew plot for those long years? The answer could be in the manifesto he wrote, but the ability challenged leftist journolistas found it too much to read, and did not read it. It is freely available on the internet (along with details of such things as the mass murders done by T-shirt salesman Che, the flash mob robberies so favored by N-people, and details about socialized medicine death panels, to name a few) and makes a good read if you are up to researching some of the big words, like Frankfurt school.

Perhaps their eyes are gummed shut with goopy white guilt from the last load they took in the face.
Those leftists, illiterate of history, drunk with high paying jobs, and sore arsed from their latest bisexual experiment in diversity, have missed the point. If you want to cut taxes, have equality, enjoy order and good government, one does not gripe about the waste, the two tier justice system, or the mechanics of government. There is no success in going after the agents, factors, and minions of the left, no, you go after the leftists themselves * . These other problems will solve themselves; these problems will not go away by playing the leftist game of ‘write letters to the editor’, ‘compromise on legislation’, or ‘caring for societies most vulnerable’. No, the media is rotten and should be driven bankrupt; compromise means surrender; and our most vulnerable are obese, needing a summer of work, not the kraft dinner of socialism.

This is the message that comes from the Norwegian massacre. Andrew Berwick’s beliefs could well go main stream. If the depression does not end soon, the working class will lose confidence in democracy. They have lost confidence in the media, academia, and the bureaucracy. When they lose faith in their X on the ballot, then they will be putting X on the bullet. In a society without free speech, you cannot easily see the spread of acceptance of his thesis, which is too bad. For me, I will just avoid crowds; and avoid places where leftists gather in their gun free zones. And it is not just the massacre that will be the method; there is also sabotage, subversion, and absenteeism. In a society that lacks free speech, there is not much more I can say; you can, however, hear all this, and more, in private meetings, lodge get togethers, and whispers in the dawn.

The left has been calling everyone who disagrees with them mass murderers for some decades. Now one has shown up and gone Jack the Ripper on them, rather than prostitutes, nursing students, or visitors to lovers lane. There could well be more out there, finishing their eight year plan. The working class lives daily with the stress of leftist policy: crime, the legacy of colonialism in Africa indeed; disease, the racism of expecting people to wash shit off their fingers before serving food; and now poverty, taxes for stuff that neither works nor happens. Maybe Jack the Ripper will shift his target; after all, that way his manifesto will get read. Ability challenged means makes mistakes; not having a gun at a gun fight is a mistake.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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