Then Don’t Make John Mad

100 times? The Mayor thinks it would be hard to count to 100 when you’re unconscious.

It’s obvious John needs to attend anger management as well as sensitivity training. The Mayor might be off on this, but he has a good feeling that’s exactly what John will end up doing. He looks like a decent chap.

3 Responses to “Then Don’t Make John Mad”

  1. cudgel Says:

    It’s not John, it’s Evette. Why she insists on making John angry is known only to herself and the emergency room physician(s).

  2. dmorris Says:

    John needs to move to Lake Charles,Louisianna,and learn to hit properly! There is just NO way a real man should have to hit his spouse over a hundred times! After the first two or three combinations,she should be flat out on the floor!

    I don’t want to impugn John’s manhood,but John’s problem is he’s a damned sissy,and he hits like a little girl!

    Of course,Evette IS a pretty husky looking woman,so maybe she could absorb a beating from Mike Tyson and still remain conscious.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    No one gonna knock baby out.

    Baby like one of dem plastic dolls dat you blow up and punch the hell out of and it keeps popping back up for more punishment. What dem dolls called again? The Tina Turner Doll, I think?

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