Dar She Blows!

What you are looking at is not the approval rating of Barack Obama since 2009, but rather it’s the Dow Jones charted from the last five days. The Mayor would not walk down a flight of stairs that steep. Last week the Dow lost 500 points in a single day, and it was called by the *experts* a “buying opportunity.” Today the Dow is off by more than 600 points, stocks must now be considered a “steal.”

Sit back and enjoy the show, folks, the runaway train has not run out of steam yet. Let the jumping off of buildings commence.

5 Responses to “Dar She Blows!”

  1. Andy Mitchell Says:

    Mayor, I stolden this .gif off you a way long time back.

    I remember the date, time, hour, minute, and second when I did (that’s in standard, not metric).


    Pretty well sums up my attitude right now.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Haha – yes, I keep that one on file for when I meet with feminists from time to time. I tell them it’s “street art”, and I’d appreciate they respect my work.

  3. Andy Mitchell Says:


    You’re a good mayor. Good boy…

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Blame George Bush.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Why doesn’t Gov Rick Perry, who was also stuck with an economy that George Bush managed as the former Gov, blame George Bush?

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