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There seems to be a few ruffled feathers among the ability challenged media at criticisms leveled at them * . Just to show the better than us journos that us racist, rapist, homophobic, sexist tax payers that there is nothing vengeful going on, here at Mitchieville we have decided to form a role playing society. There are no hard feelings over the journos directing hatred at non protected groups (you know, white men, straight men, Christians, tax payers) we have decided to find a healthy outlet for our expression of diversity and form a few demonstration units of the White Russian Army. Perhaps our JournoLista media will accept the invitation to meet and greet the Kornilov cavalry for an evening of horsemanship and demonstration riding illustrating skills with the sabre, lance, and pistol? They can wear their red shirts. It will be a historical re-enactment that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Nobody has shirts celebrating King John, the tax collector. I guess he did not have the media in his pocket, like Obama does. John was never really popular with anybody, so he could not summon rioters onto the streets to burn out those that would vote against him in general elections. They did not have elections back then. Everything was bad, back then. My Marxist math teacher told me so. Just a bunch of white men with weapons going around speaking their minds openly. We do not have free speech in this country so there is not much more I can say about the middle ages.

The Mayor is running one of his sickening cute picture series. You can tell he has children; their venom has gotten into his blood stream. He eats their candy. Anyway, it is better to see young children as what they really are: smaller versions of adults, every bit as eager to implement racist, rapist, sexist, far right white wing extremists, who begrudge taxes paid to Diaper-Canadians and Looter-Canadians. Good thing we got rid of Christianity, and now little kids can explore closer to nature religious beliefs. And all this under the radar of the ability challenged media, too.

This is a symbol of the Knights Templar. Looks kinda queer. Burly, sweaty heteronormatives do not get all cosy together on a horse like this. Supposedly it is something to do with poverty and sharing resources. Likely story. The other horse is loaded down with Muslim heads, or crates of dolphin tuna, or bottled water. That I can believe, but one of the charges against the Templars was sodomy, which is medieval speak for gay. I am confused, now. I will just have to wait for the Red Star to tell me what to think.

This is one of those filler pictures the Mayor says we should use as filler. I use them to trigger hypnotic suggestions, but the Mayor just wants filler. Something about bright colors. Go figure. Maybe he is right: even the people triggered by the hypnotic suggestions will not think of this picture as anything but filler. It is just a piece of eye candy. People dress like this all the time in those clubs in Toronto where they smoke dope at the table between drinking Doctor Pepper.

4 Responses to “Inside Mitchieville”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Photo #5 is from a Casual Friday at Dipper HQ; 300 – 279 Laurier West, Ottawa, 3:00 to 5:30; drinks half price, riding crops/ping-pong paddles for rent.


  2. Walter Garbotz Says:

    Something tells me the guy in Photo #5 does strange and wicked things to women of questionable self-esteem.

    Scary looking Bugger, actually!

    Cheers … Walter

  3. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Check the pay site, Walter.

  4. Buck Says:

    non protected groups (you know, white men, straight men…

    I hate to break this to ya, Mr. Mayor, but some straight white men fall into a protected class. I know this because I was informed by my company’s head of HR during a round of layoffs that I was a member of the protected classes, by virtue of the fact I was over 55 (at the time). So, the usual suspects and ME didn’t get the axe… it was the young white males who were sent packing. Not that I had anything to worry about, anyway. ;-)

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