US Postal Service Proposes To Cut 120,000 Jobs

One of the US governments biggest affirmative action programs – the US Postal Service- is proposing to cut 120,000 jobs and withdraw from Obamacare:

The financially strapped U.S. Postal Service is proposing to cut its workforce by 20 percent and to withdraw from the federal health and retirement plans because it believes it could provide benefits at a lower cost.

In a notice informing employees of its proposals — with the headline “Financial crisis calls for significant actions” — the Postal Service said, “We will be insolvent next month due to significant declines in mail volume and retiree health benefit pre-funding costs imposed by Congress.”

During the past four years, the service lost $20 billion, including $8.5 billion in fiscal 2010. Over that period, mail volume dropped by 20 percent.

It’s easy to see why the USPS loses so much money every year when labour force compensation accounts for 80% of all their costs (insane). $41.15 is the average wage of a postal employee (insane).

The USPS is also asking congress that it be allowed to deliver mail 5 days a week instead of the current 6. The Mayor has another idea: let the USPS deliver the mail once every two week’s. Seriously.

We just had a short-lived three or four week postal strike here in Ontario, and as God is The Mayor’s witness, The Mayor didn’t even know the post office was on strike for the first two week’s they were picketing. The only reason The Mayor did figure it out, was a few week’s into the strike, The Mayor went to throw his recycling box to the curb and noticed that it was nearly empty. “Where is all the useless crap and unwanted flyers and junk this week, honey?” The Mayor then found out the posties were on strike. Knock The Mayor over with a feather.

The Mayor honestly has no use for the postal service. He pays all his bills online and gets all his statements online. Other than that, the only time he needs the postal service is when he sends a note out to his penpal in Burma. And since the jungle has now introduced high speed internet, The Mayor needs the postal service even less.

Everyone knows that working for the USPS is akin to accepting welfare. You have to do little or nothing and get to play hide and seek for a grand a week, every week, for ever. The USPS is just like any other government organization – it’s meant to act as an affirmative action program and create and artificial minority middle class. Let’s see what happens when that is taken away. “Welcome to Riotville, my name is La’Brawnell, how can I be of service to you today?”

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  1. Andy Says:

    Mayor, I do not have the standard gripes with the USPS that so many do. For 14 years, I’ve used them exclusively for shipping my product both domestically and abroad. Thousands and thousands of packages…and not ONE glitch.


    But $41.15 as an average wage? Really? I mean, you are talking “hourly???” I’m wondering if that is the total employee cost per hour…wages, benefits, retirement, health care, etc. I’ve got to look in to that.

    And, you are correct. In a rollback, women and minorities will be hardest hit.

    Technology definitely will doom the USPS. Hell, if it weren’t for the junk mail it would be defunct already. And, retailers are abandoning that soon, I’m sure. We already are signed up to get our flyers by e-mail from the merchants we frequent. They’ll all wise up eventually, and drop dead tree ads.

    There will be weeping, and wailing amongst the masses of USPS employees, no doubt. The truth is that like ALL federal agencies (pseudo as the USPS may be), they’ve over-promised, and demanded too little productivity for high wages. It’s gonna be interesting to see what is left of it.

  2. Reg Says:

    $41.15\hour!!! A full time carrier or postal clerk in Canada makes $24ish\hour tops. A good, solid wage, but not crazy – especially in the urban centres. Say what you want about Canada Post but it’s made a profit for the past 15 years. Quick – name another federal agency in Canada that actually gives money back to The Crown.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Agreed. Canada post employees make a fair wage and CP makes a profit. But the gov’t are gonna get their bennies…

  4. Reg Says:

    May 31, 2027 can’t come quick enough!

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