The Sleeping Sword

Finally, something you can do to take back the planet.

I was watching the evil white male far right news media, the Sun network, and they mentioned this book, Deep Green Resistance.

I found them on the internet.

I followed the links under recommended reading to this * .

You can wallow around in that rich mud hole to satisfy your inner pig; me, I channeled my inner river reptile.

Any methods used by the Greenshirts are methods you can use too. The state does not suppress or condone the Greenshirts, so their methods must be OK.

Decisive Ecological Warfare.

Networking and Mobilization *
Sabotage and Asymmetric Action *
Systems Disruption *
Decisive dismantling of infrastructure *

Check it out before the evil white man suppresses this.

I, Fenris Badwulf,
(note, the name refers to one of natures gentlefolk, the Wolf)

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