Abercrombie Anarchists

“Quick, Caitlin, let’s duck into Starbuck’s for a non-fat, free trade, skinny caramel macchiota, before the henchmen of our brutal police state beat us with their war devices!”

3 Responses to “Abercrombie Anarchists”

  1. Stevo Says:

    The five women in the picture all look like they’re watching street theater.

    The guy in the green realizes he might be the one the cops will give the five bitch beatdown to.

  2. Pontius Pillbug Says:

    The one in the red shirt on the ground looks like she’s falling in love with the cop.

    That’s creepy.

  3. Mr Whipple Says:

    Pontius Pillbug,

    Nah. She’s checking out the size of his nightstick, if ya know what I mean.

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