What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?

It’s hard to believe that the last time we played What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch? was waaaaaay back in February of this year. It’s also hard to believe that not one person guessed one solitary item in The Mayor’s lunch that day. It’s also hard to believe that when The Mayor flexes his biceps, his shirt rips. Actually, that’s not hard to believe, but not guessing one solitary item in The Mayor’s lunch shooooore is.

The Mayor has decided to spice things up a little bit today and offer a prize for anyone who can guess two of the seven items The Mayor has in his lunch today. Remember though, The Mayor’s lunch was packed by his manservant, Cheaves, and Cheaves is a cheeky monkey, so even The Mayor doesn’t know what is in his lunch from day to day.

Having said that, The Mayor does know that Cheaves has packed 2 drinks, 2 desserts, and 4 main items in The Mayor’s lunch today. Impressive.

Why that’s 8 items, not seven? What the dillio?

What is the prize The Mayor is offering up, you ask? Hahaha, you’re like children. The Mayor is offering any person(s) who can correctly identify two items in his lunch, their choice of colour and size, of a brand new Power Balance Bracelet.

The Power & Balance Bracelet is meant to give you better balance, flexibility and strength. Don’t get it into your brain that the bracelet will make you as balanced or strong as The Mayor – that aint gonna happen, yo – but, it will possibly help you if you buy into voodoo and black magic.

So there you have it, prizes and jocularity. You can not get better than that, and The Mayor is pretty sure you know that already.

What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?

7 Responses to “What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Hm,this is easy:

    1: spam sandwich on Wonder bread.
    2: one pack of Twinkies.
    3:one can of “Sunny Delight”.
    4: one “coke zero”.
    5:two slices of camembaert cheese on rye-krisp crackers.
    6:one banana
    7:one knockwurst on rye sangy
    8:one slice of yesterday’s pizza

  2. Mockingbird Says:

    One 40 year old can of Carling Black Label, and seven(7) other items not really considered food by the rest of us.

  3. mpalef Says:


  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    1 Thermos of apple cider.
    2 Thermos of apple “drink” with Bushmill’s Black Bush.
    3 Slice of President’s Choice™ Apple Pie.
    4 A 4 inch square slice of President’s Choice™ Apple Cobbler.
    5 A can of apple sauce.
    6 Apple salad.
    7 Cream of Apple Soup.
    8 1 Sparten Apple, freshly picked.

    Yo! Send your Power Balance Bracelet.

  5. cudgel Says:

    1. tuna melt
    2. sardines, white onion on white with mayo
    3. roughy, fried in garlic butter
    4. red potatoes, fried with green onions

    1. Cadbury coconut bar
    2. 4 President Choice chocolate chip cookies

    1. 6 Kokanee Glacier Fresh Beers
    2. Homemade Cherry Kool-aid in a jar.

  6. dmorris Says:

    Marc,I thought the Mayor had quit the demon alcohol after that episode at Mitchieville International Airport.

    Y’know,the one we can’t mention until after the election.

    btw,the Mayor probably swiped that fresh Spartan apple off his elderly neighbour’s tree in the dead of night.

  7. Andy Says:

    Just guessing two.

    Ding Dongs

    ‘Tater chips

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