Victory Coffee

Today is a holiday in Canada. The rest of you, I am confident, are off to work, working to earn taxes to support the permanent underclass, and the socialist social services sector that keeps them in food, shelter, education, and entertainments. The permanent underclass votes to support this lifestyle; if you utter criticism, you are a racist.

Do you take refuge in the ballot box?
Your like minded elected representative will do your bidding? Cut taxes? Shut down incompetent regulations? That sort of stuff? And given the track record of elected types to go abandon their principles and become statist whores, whatever shall you do then, Happy Worker?

Do enjoy this video. Britannia no longer rules the waves, and her people reduced to slaves, slaving to support the statists and their lardy voters. But you, Happy Worker? You can slurp back the white guilt served up from the testicles of the progressives. This, you are told, will comfort you, and help you see the fairy dust kingdom, feel the burning heat of Global Warming this winter, and look aside from the subsidized breeding colonies of dragoons * who rub their unwashed hands on your food.

Enjoy this video, before it becomes a hate crime to listen to music that does not have the word f*ck in every sentence.

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