Skeezy Like Sunday Morning

The Mayor remembers walking through a mall with his father about 35 years ago, and approaching us were these two women – one hot and one like the land mass on the left of the picture above. The Mayor’s father turns to a young Mayor and says, “I don’t like the look of the one you’re getting.”

To this day The Mayor uses that line on his journey’s. You can use that line as well. In the case above, it doesn’t matter which door you choose, it’s going to be the wrong door. You may as well choose the one on the left, as she doesn’t have a chance making it out the door.

9 Responses to “Skeezy Like Sunday Morning”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Count the breasts, how can “we” go wrong?

    … note the tsunami warning beside those islands.

  2. RiverRat Says:

    When that bitch jumps in the pool that’s what will happen.

  3. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Don is sending family happy snaps?


  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Making fun of fat people is a hate crime.

    They seem to swarm to public transit like zombies after fresh brains.

  5. Arty Says:

    Ho lee krap! That thing could kick-start a locomotive. That can’t be real, it’s gotta be a photoshop plugin.

  6. Stevo Says:

    It was nice they put up the ‘Tsunami Hazard Zone’ sign – right after her first cannonball into the pool.

  7. OMMAG Says:

    There’s a zipper up the middle for a reason……………

  8. Stevo Says:

    …. but no one dares ask the reason.

  9. Ralph Says:

    Jesus, just Jesus!

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