Trick Or Treat – And We DEMAND A Treat

Upset that a neighbour wasn’t giving away any treats for Halloween, neighbourhood kids, or kid, sent the following note to said cheapster:

Here is how the homeowner responded:

“Dear Children of Entitlement (and likely their parents),” starts the Kijiji post. “You have gone ahead and reminded me of why I do not want children, and why I weep for the future.”

The homeowner says he was not home on Halloween and has bought a huge amount of candy, which he will enjoy with his friends on Saturday.

Pretty smart children, if you ask The Mayor. Excellent spelling, proper capitalization; they even know what the word “rectify” means. Not bad for 10 year olds. It looks as though The Mayor has been a little too harsh on our school system, it seems they are doing a bang-up job after all.

However, one thing The Mayor can’t make head nor tails of: if the children got candy apples every year from Miss Toby (daughter of a slave, no doubt), then why does their note say they are not allowed to eat any food that isn’t packaged? Did Miss Toby have a shrink wrap machine in her kitchen?

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  1. Andy Says:

    “…from Miss Toby (daughter of a slave, no doubt),…”


    Mayor, I just hurled my purple-hull peas, cornbread, and cheese taters!

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