Luisana Lopilato – Easy Like Monday Morning

The Mayor didn’t have a chance to post up Easy Like Sunday Morning yesterday, and he knows when he misses that particular segment, many peoples get very upset. You could be one of those peoples, it’s entirely possible. So this morning The Mayor was sitting around the breakfast table, eating a bowl of Captain Crunch and working on his second rye and ginger of the day, when it dawned on him that he could actually post yesterday’s segment today. Yup. Right out of the blue like that. But what about the name, Easy Like Sunday Morning? Ya, that was a problem. But on The Mayor’s third rye and ginger (7:22 am), he had a great idea – why not make this segment Easy Like MONDAY Morning.

And so be it.

Just like that.

True story, tell yer friends.

And the pretty lady in the picture who is sporting an overbite and some rather sexy gotchies? That’s Luisana Lopilato. A lovely girl with just about as many vowels in her name as there are consonants. Go figure.

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