Catrinel Menghia – Easy Like Sunday Morning

The Mayor went to a Christmas party last night, and believe it or not, there wasn’t one plate of Skor bars on the entire dessert table. Seriously. Not one bar. I know, a Christmas party without Skor bars. Keraaaazy, ainit?

That’s like having a Thanksgiving get-together but not having a turkey. Or having Easter with the kids and not having an Easter egg hunt. Or celebrating Ramadam and not killing a Jew or a Christian, or least not talking about killings Jews and Christians. It’s just not done.

Christmas is about Jesus, it’s about family, and it’s about Skor bars. Not Turtles, not Toblerone (although they both rock in the chocolate department), but rather Christmas is about Skor bars. Jesus, family, Skor bars. The trinity.

The Mayor truly believes he has found a woman that Marc in Calgary© will look at and say, “Yup, that broad gots some seriously goodly underwears.” He’s gunna say it, The Mayor is due for a little babeage praise. And he thinks he went fence by introducing Catrinel Menghia to center stage this morning. She’s a good looking dame and she wears some nice bikini/underwear thingies.

So, to recap – if you’re throwing a Christmas party, make sure you have an ample supply of Skor bars on hand, and, Catrinel Menghia has some decent undergarments in her closet.



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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Now that’s what I call underwear. The bra part especially. I’m gonna give it my sincere B+ and by sincere what I mean is a real B+ not that idiocy the Golfer in Chief gives himself for trying to sink the neighbors country.

    Coincidentally, Last nite I went to our company’s Christmas Party, it was referred to as such, not a “holiday fest” or “green and red” nonsense. We didn’t get nearly enough liquor tickets, knowing that they were serving plumbers and HVAC techs, they probably should have limited us to 1 free liquor ticket and not the 2 they so freely gave each of us. I didn’t see any chocolate, although I bought some tawny port on thursday of this week that was sold with a “free” dark chocolate Toblerone. The liquor selection here was seriously depleted this year and it’s going to take some time to rebuild.
    The restaurant served a nice Christmas meal, my “guest” didn’t like too much of it and so I did eat about 1.4 meals served. That’s a win for sure. The meat of choice for everyone was something called “roast pork” and it came with a bunch of fancy vegetables I don’t often see but did enjoy nonetheless. Nobody asked if pork roast was ok for everyone, nobody was offended by the choice of pork. Nobody left it on their plate, and nobody offered me their slice of roast pork because they “didn’t do” roast pork. It was delicious, I believe my God wanted me to enjoy this meal, especially the outstanding pumpkin soup.
    The serving staff set fire to the desert creame and it was mighty fine indeed.

    Names were called for corporate Christmas gifts, we choose a number from a bag of written #’s and selected the gift we so eagerly desired. The gifts were all in the $12 – $30 range. I think my projector clock radio is available for about $15.

    One of the reviews for this item at the Canadian Tire site mentioned how someone bought it for their “mum in Crimea” and she loves it. I’m not gonna diss anyone that celebrates their own Christmas some days later because I’m all for celebrating 2 Christmases with 2 servings of roast pork or maybe 1 with turkey and the other with roast pork and a fine selection of winter vegetables. We should all have the option of doing it this way.

    So as I’ve never been late or “missed” a day, I’m gonna call this projection clock radio surplus gear and put it on Kijiji.

    * 2 of the folks I work with brought their young children, 2 nappy headed Christian kids from Eritrea that really enjoyed running freely throughout the restaurant, and one other kid of mixed southern Manitoba type Mennonite / Philippine heritage that enjoyed running freely throughout the restaurant, all for our personal entertainment. I actually have no problem with this and often enjoy watching the liberals faces scrunch-up as they hear the squeals of delight as the kids wind themselves into a frenzied state known as “sugar high”. There were a few liberals present whom I sat near, none chose to bring children to their full and complete live state in the world, and so they just talked amongst themselves.

    The bus service in downtown Calgary flashes “Merry Christmas” on their destination signs. I don’t know if the current islamic mayor of our town knows of this yet.

    report ends.

  2. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Free Republic knows what “nappy headed” be’s.

    scroll to the bottom:

  3. Andy Says:

    That chick has a really funny name. Kinda’ off-putting, really.

    And, what in the mortal hell is that on her right forearm. I swear, it looks like she’s wearing a lizzard or something. I’ve been staring at that thing for at least 15 minutes, and I just can’t make out what it is.

    I think I’ll go look at it a while longer and see if I (ooops…The Mrs. is walking in the office)

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    It’s probably a piece of ‘dulce’.


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