We All Scream For Ice Cream

Growing up, The Mayor was only allowed those junk foods that tasted great but were bad for you, on special occasions. Chips, pop, chocolate bars, ice cream, they were only given out on special occasions. Like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or the day Pierre Trudeau died. Man, The Mayor ate alot of great crap that day. Actually, thinking about it, we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted for an entire month. Good times, good times.

4 Responses to “We All Scream For Ice Cream”

  1. Andy Says:

    Pierre Trudeau is dead?

    Well, that sucks. I mean, I missed out on a dookie-load of candy & junk…

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Don’t fret it, Andy, The Mayor is sure many more crusty libtards will bite the dust soon. And when they do!

  3. Maximinus Thrax Says:

    Fenris has three libtards down in the basement, uh, re-education center.

    Which reminds me, I have to feed them. If I do not feed them, can I eat their food instead?

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Absolutely. Better yet, let them eat themselves. They seem to be good at that.

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