Not The Golden Arches

It’s obviously made from some sort of material that will not be discovered for many hundreds of years. Most likely it was formed, shaped and displayed by an ancient alien civilization who will one day come back to earth and reclaim what they think is rightfully theirs. And when that happens, every last one of you will come back to Mitchieville, look through the archives for this post, read it once again, and exclaim, “that son of a bitch was not half as batty as I thought he was.”

That’s right – The Mayor will laugh last.

9 Responses to “Not The Golden Arches”

  1. Pizzamancer Says:

    Geography fail. I expected more from the mayor. You couldn’t have even snoped this pic?

    (I live in Nagasaki)

  2. The Mayor Says:


  3. Malcolm Says:

    You’d think they would build the ENTIRE TOWN out of whatever this magic material is.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Like the black boxes in airplanes.

  5. Malcolm Says:

    Exactly. Maybe Canada’s Ministry of Improbable Materials ought to do a study or something.

  6. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Here’s a great article comparing the two cities:

    I seems concrete, or heavy wood posts, are fairly resistant to nuclear bombs, but who wants all buildings built of wood-post reinforced concrete in case some fkup decides to nuke your city.

  7. marc in calgary™ Says:

    The Democrat party did that in 1945. In 2011, there is a Democrat in power as well…
    Figure it out.

  8. Japan: nuked too much or not enough? | Five Feet of Fury Says:

    [...] the Mayor beat me to “the same stuff they make airplane black boxes out of” hacky [...]

  9. Sean Says:

    Unobtanium. Duh. We have a small supply in Canada, but most of it was used in the construction of Lucien Bouchard’s prosthesis (and not the one you’re thinking of).

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