We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As at least some of you know by now, Mitchieville is running very slowly at times. We are experiencing what is known as “technical difficulties”. While The Mayor knows slightly less about computers and programming than a pylon, what he has learned from various sources is that a scripting error has caused Mitchieville to choke up.

The Mayor has been told to contact his webmaster, but truth be told, Mitchieville doesn’t have a webmaster. He’s dead. And for a good reason.

So, if you are a webmaster, or if you know a webmaster, please contact The Mayor at themayor@mitchieville.com . The pay is weak, the hours are long, and it may be the best job you have ever had in your life.

Remember though, a webmaster is not the same thing as a slavemaster. That’s very important to remember.

9 Responses to “We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties”

  1. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Mitchieville hiccuped at the same time I installed a new router and implemented some access controls. I believed for several hours that those 404 messages were the Internet’s way of telling me I screwed up the rules and my router. Yesterday afternoon I realized that Mitchieville was the only site in the universe that my router wouldn’t allow; therefore the problem wasn’t with my router or rules, but with YOU! You weren’t there! I thought then that the world was actually ending, and I didn’t know who to tell. I’m marginally happier now that I know that the world is not ending. I’m actually sorry for your plight, but I’m afraid I cannot apply for the webmaster job.

  2. Andy Says:

    Whew!!! I thought it was my piece of shit computer.

    Glad to know it’s your piece of shit website.

    Mayor, Two Dogs is likely to know whazzzup! If he hasn’t already contacted you, you might ring him up with this fabulous offer.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    I’m not familiar with the gentleman you’re talking about….please, tell me more.

  4. Andy Says:

    He’s the Mississippi guy that used to read your blog.

    You know…the guy with the long hair and the earring. He knows computer and website junk. I’m pretty sure he’s not a homo, but the earring deal kinda’ worried me for a while.

    You can reach him at paulmitchellisnotahomoeventhoughheworeanearring@imnotahomo.com

  5. The Mayor Says:

    Can’t believe I clicked on that link.

  6. Andy Says:


  7. nancy Says:

    Andy, Andy…calling someone gay..mm, mm… I just saw a cookie boy that would be just right if he had of been wearing lipstick ;)

  8. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Andy that link doesn’t work,

    r u certain he’s not a homo?

    fotos of non-homo like behavior and junk?

    it’s a footbaw day, I know he’s not reading this….

  9. Andy Says:

    Funny Nancy!

    Reeeeeeeeel funny.

    There is not ONE THING unmanly about baking cookies. Well…

    Well, they were DAMN good cookies, and real men eat damn good cookies.

    So there!

    Marc…today was NFL footbaw day (not the real version played by college youngsters), so I am sure he was either getting his nails did, or knitting a new shawl. Real men don’t watch NFL footbaw.

    Just sayin’…

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