Bubble Butt

That’s one great thing about being a citizen in a South American country – you get to check out the outrageoulsy bubbled butts of the female police officers there. Actually, that’s probably the only great thing about living in South America. It’s no secret that Spanish women have outrageously bubbled butts. The butts start bubbling when they start grade 3 and don’t stop bubbling until the dirt hits the top of their coffin. And what you’re looking at in the picture is a fine example of Spanish bubble butt, or, as the citizens of Bolivia call it, “The round butt of the law”.

7 Responses to “Bubble Butt”

  1. rob in katy Says:

    I think that I saw her on youporn…I am thinking she looks pretty skinny for that big thing, and then I notice that she as an armor vest on… that can’t be all ass, must be a Toomaa..

  2. Adrian Says:

    It’s been photoshopped using the warped tool. Although the original photo is already mighty impressive.

  3. rob in katy Says:

    have a link to the original?

  4. Adrian Says:

    As you can see, it’s still a bubble butt. Just not photoshopped:


  5. Rob in Katy Says:

    Yeah, that but is doable, the other, I can’t see how she could sit in a police car :)

  6. Rob in Katy Says:

    ps: how did you find the original, I tried tineye.com but it came up zero?

  7. The Mayor Says:

    Rob – not sure, although I think I ripped it off a website and didn’t give them credit. That’s typically how I do it – rip it off, don’t give credit for it.

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