Friday the Thirteenth

Finally, more reasons to hate the Jews.

Did you know that the perfidious Jews were behind the plot to kill beloved Soviet leader Stalin? * What more despicable crime could there be?

Disinformation spread after Stalin’s death portrays the beloved leader of the peaceful Russian people as some sort of ‘monster’. Nobody said such stuff during the long, productive life of the hero of the working classes, Comrade Stalin. Do you know of anybody who criticized that cute, cuddly teddy bear of a leader to his face? No! It was only after his untimely death that the Hollywood propaganda machine began to paint the Peoples’ Santa as some sort of big meanie.

It is always nice to know you can blame the Jews for everything.

Friday the Thirteenth is a special day in the New Aztec calendar: every Friday the Thirteenth is the day you find a new reason to hate the Jews. The reasons are legion: from crucifying Christ, to polyester underwear, in this the new age of the activists Friday the Thirteenth means hating the Jews. Today, during your Five Moments of Hate, keep one moment open for new reasons to hate the enemies of Statism, Overweening Bureaucratic Overlordism, and Climate Change Questioningism. Just hate them.

Everybody loved Stalin when he was alive. Just like nobody (who is somebody) openly criticizes political correctness.

5 Responses to “Friday the Thirteenth”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    I heard Stalin loved dogs and was a vegetarian. Just like Hitler. Two fellas that were totally misunderstood.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Well, given Holocaust denial is all the lefty rage, I guess the vegetarian leader is due for a makeover. And he was cozy with queer rights activist Ernst Roehm. And they both were Great Statists.

  3. Buck Says:

    I need an enema!

  4. The Mayor Says:

    That was brilliant!

    Fenris – you need to post that.

  5. Steynian 456nd « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] Techniques; Living in poverty like those Mexican welfare cases; It is always nice to know you can blame the Jews for everything …. [...]

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