Selena Gomez – First World Problems

Poor thing. It makes you wonder how anyone could survive something like that.

Selena Gomez – seen here frolicking at the beach – has had some serious first world problems in her time. Imagine, having to buy food from a dollar store. How utterly embarrassing.

However, The Mayor has a story he hasn’t told before, a story that kind of puts the whole poverty thing into perspective. It happened about 15 years ago. The Mayor sent his houseboy, Cheeves, to Sobeys to pick up some AAA prime rib for a bbq he was having with friends that evening. Cheeves went away and picked up the food and we proceeded to have a bbq like we planned. Well, about 40 minutes into the bbq, The Mayor had to go inside to use the toilet, and he happened to walk into the kitchen and spotted the wrapper the meat came in. Upon further inspection, The Mayor saw that it wasn’t AAA prime rib, but AA prime rib.

The horrors!

About puking blood for a good 20 minutes, The Mayor promptly (if that can be considered prompt) went to the backyard and kicked everyone out. He couldn’t stand the potential embarrassment this could and very well might or may cause. The end. Get out. The Mayor’s meat is Grade A dog food.

And that’s the story. And it’s all pretty much true.

Sure, The Mayor’s story didn’t exactly have to do with living in poverty like those Mexican welfare cases called the Gomez’s. And sure, The Mayor didn’t have to stoop to buying Italian pastas from dollar stores. And sure, The Mayor beat his dirtbag houseboy Cheeves to within an inch of his worthless life for serving up shoe leather with a delicious gourmet barbecue sauce applied to it. But when all was said and done…hmmmm, kinda lost the thread of this post. Where was I again?

Not too sure.

Let’s just leave it at that.


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  1. dmorris Says:

    I don’t know where YOU were going,but I am going back to that link of Selena in a bikini!

    She sure has growed up in the last few years, fills that bikini just right!

    WAYYYYY too much woman for Justin. By God,if I was a few decades younger……

  2. Steynian 456nd « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] 22, 2012; UK Headlines From The Year 2030; Modern Propaganda Techniques; Living in poverty like those Mexican welfare cases; It is always nice to know you can blame the Jews for everything …. [...]

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