Who Is That Guy?

He was born in Nigeria in 1960 – yet he’s a white man. Wut up wit dat, yo? He’s been in a zillion movies, and some of them weren’t terrible. Such non-terrible movies include a bunch of those The Lord of the Rings: a few Matrix flicks, V for Vendetta, and Captain America – a movie The Mayor watched half of last night before he started sawing logs. And he started sawing logs not because the movie was crap, because it isn’t, he fell asleep because he is such a hard and dedicated worker – working for you, to make your life better.

TLDG and The Mayor were snuggling last night while watching Captain America (The Mayor loves snuggling – sometimes he can snuggle with TLDG for up to 10 seconds at a time), and the buddy above comes on screen and TLDG says, “hey, who is that guy?” And then she said to The Mayor that he should have him on the Who Is That Guy? segment. But The Mayor wasn’t listening to TLDG, he doesn’t like the whole “talkie talkie” thing going on while he watches movies, so she had to remind hm again this morning that buddy should be in the Who Is That Guy? segment.

There aren’t many more hints The Mayor can give you here, you either know who it is or you don’t. BUT, it might help if The Mayor shows you a few more pictures – here’s one, this looks like another picture, here’s a dead givaway

The Mayor is nothing if not helpful.

Soooooo, Who Is That Guy?

7 Responses to “Who Is That Guy?”

  1. mpalef Says:

    Hugo Weaving. Watch him in Priscilla Queen of the Desert

  2. paul mitchell Says:

    Hugo Weaving is correct, sir.

  3. Mr Fnortner Says:

    So, who is that masked man? None other that Natalie Portman’s costar, Hugo Weaving.


    I didn’t know that Nigeria thing, thought he was just another one of the Aussies taking over.

    Here’s on of his movies that didn’t suck…


  5. dmorris Says:

    Born in Nigeria,but White?

    President Obama.

  6. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    If you drink too much and then try to drive home, Hugo Weaving.


  7. The Mayor Says:

    J.M. Heinrichs wins the internet tonight.


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