To be a little more specific, it’s a Ranger Russet. Fluffy, good storability, susceptible to root-knot nematode.

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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:


    You can like these people on Facebook if you decide to partake again and join society.
    I don’t know what all those numbers mean, they remind me of taxes, maybe I’ve just blocked it all out…

  2. dmorris Says:

    That was a very interesting link,marc. A paean to the noble spud, national staple food of….Ireland. Hm.

    But,I had no idea the spud was important to the Mayans. I swelter in ignorance.

    For penance,I shall now go guzzle a quart of Old Bushmills,which,though Irish in origin,is NOT made from spuds.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    There’s some polish in my history don, they knew what to do when God gave them potatoes.

    You might be interested in what he has to say regarding his only Bushmill’s review, tasty indeed. I haven’t ventured beyond (up the scale?) from Bushmills Black Bush, which I like. I recall it being about $32. / 750 here… in a Co-op liquor store.

  4. Stevo Says:

    It’s a watermelon, you heretic.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:


  6. Buck Says:

    Marc: in re: the 21st. They have a search function on the site and I tried it, knowing full well what the outcome would be…

    No locations found within 100 miles of 88130.

    Yup. Still a beer desert. Not that I’d buy any watermelon beer, but some the other offerings looked interesting, like “Back in Black.” Yum. AC/DC beer!

  7. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Beer that screams right at you! YAH.

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