An Oshawa Saturday Night

Disturbing doesn’t start to describe this picture, as you are well aware by now. The Mayor can’t figure this out for the life of him; it’s as if the mascot from the Big Boy restaurant chain is trying to escape from that dude’s body. Sure, that makes little or no sense, but either does that picture.


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  1. beachnut Says:

    I know a guy in Oshawa.

    That’s not him.

    If the unknown mans size represents his ego,
    then it could be the guy I know.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    You’re rom BC though, oui?

  3. beachnut Says:

    There’s an Oshawa in BC?
    I’m familiar with the one just north of The Center Of The Universe.
    But non, I’m not from BC anymore.
    Although I know people there.
    Some are relatives.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Ohhhhhh, we’re talking about the same Oshawa for sure, but for some reason The Mayor thought you were from the left coast.

    But you WERE from BC?

  5. beachnut Says:

    Gee, these questions are so hard.
    Do you grill the whole community like this?

    I was conceived in Ontario, but I’ve never been there.
    (I’ve flown over it tho),-exausting, I tell ya…-
    My BC says BC.

    Okay? We Done?

  6. The Mayor Says:

    You were conceived in Ontario, but have never been in Ontario? So, you believe life doesn’t start at conception? Why do you hate babies so much?

    Sounds like you’ve been sent here from the Huffington post.

  7. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I know of a few other folks that don’t take kindly to a good vetting.

    Alright white letter”beachnut”, if that’s who you really say you are, what’s your favorite cheese?

  8. The Mayor Says:

    American cheese, no doubt.

  9. mark Says:

    I pity da fool who butted in front of that guy at the buffet!

  10. beachnut Says:

    Life starts when I effin say it does.
    Babies grow up to be short people who blow pencils up in my microwave. (7 seconds btw).
    Marc in Calgary…Quark.
    If you mix it w/ onion soup mix, it makes a good chip dip.

  11. beachnut Says:

    I apologize for almost swearing on your blog Mayor.
    And you are right of course that life starts at conception.
    However, is there not a case for toomuchwineinhottubwithspouse at conception?

    Marc in Calgary, Quark is also good on baked potatoes.

    And it’s fun to say. Try it.
    Quark Quark Quark

  12. The Mayor Says:

    Absofrickinlutely there is. If not for toomuchwineinhottubwithspouse, there would be approx. 85% less kidlets in the world.

  13. beachnut Says:

    blowing up pencils in micrwaves.

  14. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Had to look up what exactly is quark. White man’s cheese apparently.

    Still, starting graphite fires sounds subversive. So far, so good.
    I’m off now, to say quark repeatedly.

  15. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    “Three quarks for Muster Mark!
    Sure he hasn’t got much of a bark
    And sure any he has it’s all beside the mark.”
    James Joyce, “Finnigans Wake”, page 383.



    Well it’s obvious that some biologist has taken Joyce’ stream of consciousness and loosed in in yon creature’s petri dish.

    Either that or he’s being absorbed by The Thing.

  17. finn Says:

    How the fuck did you get into the union hall to take that pic??

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