Erin Heatherton – Easy Like Sunday Morning

When The Mayor was asked last night if he would post a picture of Erin Heatherton for this mornings Easy Like Sunday Morning  segment, he was a tad hesitant, as all female meat slab pictures are always Marc in Calgary® approved. Well, nearly every one. But The Mayor couldn’t get hold of Marc last night, as Marc was at a meatloaf cook-off in NE Calgary, a meatloaf cook-off that didn’t allow incoming or outgoing calls to be made or taken. That frustrated The Mayor – damn those meatloaf cook-off types! Damn them to hell!

So The Mayor ran with this picture of Erin Heatherton even though he knows there might be a bit of fallout because of it. Let the chips fall where they may. That’s the way The Mayor rocks and or rolls.

7 Responses to “Erin Heatherton – Easy Like Sunday Morning”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:


    Erin needs some meatloaf on her bones. While her tops looks surprisingly secure, her bottoms appear to be stuck on perhaps with glue of some sort. I can’t see what’s holding them up. Mom used to put the ketchup right into the meatloaf sometimes, or pour some on top, then cook it, so the ketchup was absorbed right into it. Yup, my mom, the chef. So I cooked some hamburgers with onions in them with the leftovers that couldn’t have made another meatloaf, and nuked them up for breakfast with some Heinz 57™, imagining that perhaps at this moment, Mark Levin and I are sharing the same breakfast together, 1000’s of miles/kilometres separated, yet like brothers in arms, sharing a mutual sacrificed love of liberty and red meat. I hate that President’s Choice™ doesn’t make a version of Heinz 57™ and yet more money goes to Teresa Heinz and her yacht sailing husband.

    Anyway, 3 days ago, Theo Spark posted some photos of girls in red, I’m thinking of giving it all away and moving to wherever the girl in question resides. I’ve never seen girls like that in N.E. Calgary, yesterday just before dinner I went to the N.E. Real Canadian Superstore™ for some supplies / ketchup, it was full of terrorists. Or at least, people dressed up as terrorists. I went to the N.E. Walmart™ and it was the same thing. It was like, bring your terrorist to work day. Can’t imagine how things are in Michigan nowadays. Maybe that’s why nothing/very little there works anymore. Maybe I complain too much, the girls dressed up (dressed up? seriously?) in black bed sheets sure get the fuck out of my way when I push the grocery cart straight at them. They still look away from me when I look towards where their breasts might be. Maybe it’s not so bad here yet, I could get used to girls that do what you want with just a knowing glance.

    *contestant #4, stop pretending you didn’t know.

    report ends.

  2. Buck Says:

    What marc in calgary™ said. Well… the first sentence, anyhoo.

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Perhaps I was too quick to judge ol’ Michigan and the whole “nothing works” …

    … “Best franchise in pro sports”. yeah, my head hurts. ;)

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Much of the Red Wing fan base is in Windsor …


  5. Buck Says:

    Much of the Red Wing fan base is in Windsor …

    We’re EVERYWHERE. Just look at all the Winged Wheel jerseys in any given rink when the Wings come to town. Hell, there are even Wings fans in New Mexico!

    Nice link, marc. Thanks for that.

  6. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Except Vancouver, where we really don’t care about other teams. For the Sen Jose games last spring their arena was full, with Canuck jerseys. And the crowd sang ‘O Canada’ along with their soloist.


  7. The Mayor Says:


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