Making Money with Fenris Badwulf

It is time for you to think outside the box in your efforts to make money. How do other people make money? Maybe you should do what they do. Or have you closed the door to your own happiness with your subconscious decision that there are some things you would not do to make money. Who is the boss here? Do you hate cats, too? Even nice kitty cats that purr in your lap, that love you unconditionally? Open your subconscious mind to my suggestions, and let me, Fenris Badwulf, tell you the first of the five ways used by successful people to become rich. Other people do it, now it is time for you to use violence to become rich.

Lots of people use violence to become rich. Tell me it is not so. Why shouldn’t you? The answer is that you do not know how, or that you are afraid of violence being used on you, rather than you using violence for personal gain. Let us talk about that. There are two questions here: method, that is, methods of violence; and the second question of how to avoid violence used against you. These are good questions, but really they should be answered by your conscious mind, not your subconscious. So let me, Fenris Badwulf, into your subconscious mind. Relax. All is peaceful and calm, like the dawn before a surprise attack.

The first secret of using violence to become rich is to victimize people whom you can defeat easily. Defeated people cannot use violence against you, now can they? So, you must use some forethought in selecting your victims. The successful rich people who use violence do not pick on anybody. You should pick your victims carefully, too. Successful violent people favor victimizing victims that are weaker, slower, stupid, drugged, drunk, or asleep. Picking on people bigger than yourself is for Hollywood fairy tales, where the fag always beats the klansman.

The second secret of using violence to become rich is to use treachery. Attack from behind, or when they are asleep. Keep your violent nature hidden until your victim is helpless, and can have their wallet lifted easily. It does not take much imagination to exploit positions of trust: if someone lends you their house key, make copies; when they are out of town, you can run a telemarketing operation out of their home!

The third secret of using violence to become rich is to use limitless aggression, known to the ancients as ultra violence. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much more hurting you can put on your victims and still get to spend their money. Successful violent rich people do it all the time; so should you. Use weapons, and use weapons of cunning. A super soaker loaded with peanut oil can work wonders in home invasion scenarios. It only takes seconds to get them to exchange all of their money for the epi pen in your pocket. Most people are afraid of fire: you should make fire your servant in your violent quest for personal riches.

The fourth secret of using violence to become rich is to use a disguise. Successful violent rich people like to dress up to accentuate their evil nature. It works for them. Now it is your turn. Your path to riches is paved with people being frightened of you. Get used to it. Having people fear you is profitable, and fun.

Thank you for letting me into your mind. I, Fenris Badwulf, I care, I care about you. This is the first of the five ways of becoming rich. There are four more. Count backwards from five to one. You are relaxed and refreshed. When you are going to sleep tonight, or when you are waking up in the morning, you will think about the four secrets of using violence to make yourself rich:

1) Choose your victims with the cunning of a hungry wolf.

2) Use treachery with the guile of a telemarketer.

3) Put the hurt to them; use fire.

4) Adopt a creepy persona and wear disguises.

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  1. Maximinus Thrax Says:

    The very next day after your insightful post Fenris, comes proof that everybody is using these methods.

    You are a shining role model to us all.

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