Goth Child Banned From Wearing Make-Up To School–Goths Mom To Sue

Now with angry comments from a Goth activist…

A mother of a 13 year old goth boy is threatening to take his school to court if they don’t reverse their decision and let him wear make-up to school:

“They’re gender stereo-typing. He’s being sexually discriminated against. Nowhere in the rules does it say that males can’t wear make-up” says Mindy Ball.

The Hamilton mother says she stands 100% behind her son, 13-year-old Matt Allsup, an eighth grader at Garfield Middle School who wears black eye makeup, lipstick and fingernail polish.

But on Monday, he was told to wash the makeup off his face, with the assistant principal telling him it was distracting and against dress code.

“When I spoke to the principal,” Ball says, “She told me it was distracting because of the black makeup and I said, ‘Well, I’ll get him pink,’ and she said no, because he’s a male, he’s not allowed to wear it, the public don’t accept males wearing make-up.”

Freedom of expression is what Matt Allsup and his mom say this is all about.

They vow to fight the school’s ban on his black make-up and plan to hire an attorney to take the issue to court.

I can pretty much picture in my mind how the little buck-tooth woman even said those words. “Yup, the prinspal dun told me the publik don’t assept males waren the make-up…yuck yuck.”

Because of parents like this, the school board has been put in a terrible situation: if they ban kids from wearing certain things, the parents sue them because they believe their little snowflake has the *right* to wear it. If the school board lets snowflake wear whatever he wants, some kids are going to beat the little fucker half to death, and the parents will sue because the school board didn’t take the appropriate steps to protect the loser.

The mother needs a whack to the side of her head and a kick to her (assuming here) giant ass. Why must parents insist on backing their child against authority for every single cause? Why can’t they ever seem to take the side of authority, thus teaching their snowflakes real lessons in life. It’s the schools RIGHT to enforce any dress code they deem necessary. It’s no wonder so many kids are disrespectful and hate authority, look at the source they come from.

This ugly, fat, goth loser needs to wipe that shit off his face and stop acting like a spoiled little prick. His mother needs to straighten her own life out and teach this kid a lesson via the back of her chubby hand. Goth kids are basically societies rejects, pretty well mental as the day is long, and are attention-getters, sociopaths, and generally the worlds biggest malcontents (liberals notwithstanding).

The boys insanity started at home, this much I can guarantee. His mommy needs to start acting like a parent and stop acting like a victim.

No offence to Mitchieville’s many goth readers (just kidding, full offence)

23 Responses to “Goth Child Banned From Wearing Make-Up To School–Goths Mom To Sue”

  1. Nurse Kate Says:

    Geez man, if you want to dress up all goth do it on the weekend. we’d all love to be able to dress however we want, but the world isn’t like that. So, is that lip ring worth being unemployable?

  2. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Actually, here’s a principal with too much time on her hands who should be spending it educating rather than harassing students who don’t conform. As a former child, I developed my well defined anarchic philosophy during my days as a student. Schools like this are truly life in hell, worse than any prison with a demented warden and sadistic guards.

    I wonder why, as adults, we hate our children. Don’t we realize that these are autonomous, sovereign, sentient beings who will nowadays live a century or more and who have been entrusted to our care for only one-sixth of their lives? Why do we work so hard to fuck them up? Many of them never recover from the damage we do.

    I am 100% behind this kid and his mom. (And if he gets beaten up on the schoolyard or in the hall, then that’s another life lesson for him that will make him a better person.)

  3. lx Says:

    I’m in two minds about this.
    I understand why the school doesn’t allow wildly Gothic makeup, it is distracting, etc. etc. If he toned it down a little, no nail polish, no lipstick, just eye makeup, he may be allowed unless the school has a severe dress code. As a girl I wouldn’t dare wear black lipstick, dark nail varnish I just about get away with, eyeliner is fine as long as it isn’t outlandish. I’m being unfair here – but he also doesn’t look a good student. Faces like his are the ones used to label teenage Goths ‘losers’ – *no offence intended to him. It could be the photo.* Being a good student gains you a little leeway with your attire.

    But if he tones it down a little and attempts at school (theoretically speaking, not saying he doesn’t already, I have no idea) and still isn’t allowed, then I’m against the school. I attend a small town school (500 students max?) so we have no makeup-wearing guys here, not yet anyway [we do have a fifth year with long hair to his waist but he's apparently an excellent student, so no problem there]. He should be allowed to express himself, and that is indeed sexual discrimination if he can’t. And to echo Mr Fnorter above – if he gets beaten up, that’s a lesson for him.
    I am a Goth and will shortly turn fourteen. I wrote this at the bottom because I know that *some* people who read atricles like this would take a look at this comment and say “oh, illiterate teenibopper come to defend her culture with “CUtE” writing [that writing makes me furious, by the way], capital letters and overuse of OMFG, joy” and skip it altogether. I just want to show that teens can be mature, and being a [teenage] Goth doesn’t mean that you use incredibly melodramic nicks/writing.

  4. Kristin Says:

    I think the tone of this article is absolutely vile. Were you not loved enough as a kid? You are so angry and mean!

    This is a child, and you should not be making comments about him being fat, ugly, stupid, anything of the like. That’s like an adult who punches kids out of the way- pick on someone your own size, bully. Also, the statements about his mother are entirely unfounded. She wants her kid to be himself- if your daughter was told she could not wear pink lipstick and fake nails because they were against school dress code, how would you feel? How would you react? You’d probably say “when the school pays for your clothes/food/books/etc., they can tell me how you’ll dress”…essentially like this mom is. It’s about time parents support a kids’ fucking individuality. My parents all but exorcised and killed me for this issue.

    I was both goth and overweight durnig middle and high school. It came with it’s fair share of knocks, but I also had self-confidence enough that I was friends with most folks, and could hold my own against any aggressors. Country kids, band/choir/orchestra, study-freaks, stoners, cheerleaders/footballers, etc. I had friends in ALL places, and they knew me for who I was, not how I dressed. They knew my character as a person, not just some halloween costume.

    I am still gothic. My husband is a goth, still goth from our school days. We both have jobs, we pay our bills on time, we have insurance for everything, etc. We are functioning adult goths. It does happen.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Last weekend, 3 days past, I spent the entire sunday naked. Yup, not a stitch.

    I’ve never felt so free, I’ve never felt so freely. It was awesome, I was awesome.

    and I’m thinking I’ll do it again next weekend. Not saturday, I visit with friends in the central commercial district, sipping hazelnut flavored liquors from coffee mugs as the trains whiz past.

    actually, next weekend is “end of the March – “Malibu” when we only have coconut flavored liquors, sometimes we “up the aunty” with some added Captain Morgan Spiced.. left overs from Christmas.

  6. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Here’s Mindy:

  7. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Sorry for the CNN link, I feel bad now.


  8. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Sorry for being bad.

  9. Buck Says:

    His mother needs to straighten her own life out and teach this kid a lesson via the back of her chubby hand.

    Amen. I wouldn’t have survived the ass-whuppin’ I’d have gotten… and deserved… had my parents been notified of such appearance on my part at school. But, Hey. Times do change, as noted by lx’s comment, above. About which: wrong. Wrong, M’Dear. Wrong as two boys (insert the vernacular for sexual congress here).

  10. The MaleMan Says:

    Rather than kiss ass lets look at reality here. When I was in high school being normal, smart, perfect, athletic or just plain average was a good enough reason to be persecuted by your peers, THE ASSHOLES!!! Imagine how little control, no guidance has been directed toward this boy that he wanted to dress this way in front of a group of the most intolerant people on the planet!!!!! What a total failure as a parent this woman is and as usual she blames everyone else for her failure for the average people in society not accepting her incredibly odd child!!!! My niece dresses “GOTH” to go out and have fun with her friends and that is fine!!!!! She is an adult & accepts responsibility for her actions and takes care of herself. She doesn’t run to a courtroom every time some ass-wipe says she doesn’t fit in… Children need a firm foundation of normal as they grow up and where they go from there is their business but they deserve a chance a being accepted by their peers while in school in order to develop healthy relationships some time during their life even if it may end up being a “GOTH” lifestyle!!!

  11. BillyHW Says:

    This mother is a child abuser.

  12. Cooper Says:

    Big problems here and a can of worms opened. Let’s look at this kid’s motivation for dressing like this. He is in obvious want of attention, which is why put all that makeup on. The school needs to rewrite their dress code; no extreme and overdone makeup which makes a person look unnatural and inhuman and no revealing or “flamboyant” clothing- PERIOD!
    These common sense rules will allow students and teachers to FOCUS ON EDUCATION instead of appearance.

    If they want to “dress-up” and wear heavy or extreme makeup, they can start a drama/theatre programme and get the kids to participate. It will satisfy their want for attention and at they same time the kids will realize the difference between their ‘real’ selves and imaginary made up characters. As a teacher, believe me, THIS WORKS.

  13. dmorris Says:

    Just WHO is “admin” who posted this travesty?

    I ain’t goin’ ta comment until I find out who the hell he/she is,”admin”,that is.

    The “Goth” kid can do what the hell he likes. When I was young,I went to school with REAL Goths,Vandals,Visigoths,Paiutes,and assorted other barbarians.

    I dressed as per my ancestry,in a Kilt,and was roundly derided as a cross-dresser,which only made me hit harder,though I DID trip on the hem of my skirt,er,kilt, on occasion.

    Every day on the way home from school,we’d beat the shit out of each other and had a merry old time hating each other. Authorities and parents didn’t get involved.

    Fortunately, when I was a boy of twelve, black lipstick had not yet been invented,so none of us ever had the opportunity to try it out,boys or girls.

    I personally, was more interested in hunting and fishing than wearing makeup,anyway.

  14. OMMAG Says:

    Kid os a masochist too …. got to be enjoying the beatings…………

  15. Sisyphus Says:

    What would Tickle Me Emo say about this?

  16. matty Says:

    Hey, I’ve got a solution to your dilemma there. You said If they don’t let boys wear makeup the parents will sue, if they allow it the kids will get beaten up. HOW ABOUT CRACKING DOWN ON BULLYING!? Also your little imitation of the mother (Yup, the prinspal dun told me the publik don’t assept males waren the make-up…yuck yuck), oh yeah you’re right, it’s really liberals that are stereotyped as being uneducated hillbillies, not conservatives.

  17. Mike Says:

    I hate goths and I hate people that enjoy breaking the rules. I am studying to become a teacher, a strict one that needs to be in more classrooms these days. We, as a society, are too liberal and too easy. Extreme forms of physical appearances are distractions to the educational process. And the Gothic look is not only ugly, but it is totally inappropriate for public. It invites bullying (something we don’t need) as well as other forms of trouble. You can dress and act goth at home all you want. Don’t do it in public.

  18. Robert Says:

    I was a goth and still am at times but it was and still is my choice to be goth or not. My family has always loved me by spending time with me( scouts,going to my sporting events, hobbies, vacations etc)Just because he likes to wear black makeup does not make him a bad person. Some people are bad regardless how they look and some are good regardless of how they look. People will assume if you look a certain way you act a certain way or are a certain type or person and that is not always the case. What if a girl/young women wanted to wear dark makeup, would it be acceptible most likely. There are people in society that accpets boys/guys that wear makeup and thos that don’t. Some people are not accepted even if they wear to wear a white t-shirt and jeans so what would the makeup have to do with being accepted or not. A lot of different types of people get picked on like: heavy set people, people with glasses, blonds, someone of a different race than the person picking on them, short guys etc. His mother could be a wonderful person loving and caring. Sometimes some people just like to wear dark makeup and get into the goth lifestyle but still are positive productive members of societies that give back to charites not just with money but also with their time. Why not just to get to know someone before you judge them.

  19. The Mayor Says:

    Robert – The Mayor will not judge thee. Go out into the land and multiply.

  20. Nuckledragger Says:

    What is going on! What is wrong with these so called “parents” sounds to me they are their kids friends instead of parent. The “mother” who lets her 13 year old “son” where make up and nail polish is just asking for trouble. He looks like a messed up little girl. He looks soft and overweight. I wonder how many times he has been beaten up this year. I pray he does not grow up to troll for straight men to trick them into thinking he is a girl. That kind of behavior can get him killed. Even if he is straight the Goth life will lead to drug use. Drug use can lead to death.

  21. Nuckledragger Says:

    Mr Fnortner Says: I am 100% behind this kid and his mom. (And if he gets beaten up on the schoolyard or in the hall, then that’s another life lesson for him that will make him a better person.)

    Are you as messed up as this kid and poor excuse for a mother. This butterball will not learn the “life lesson” and I bet he is on his way towards becoming a Sociopath.

  22. The Mayor Says:

    Pay no attention to Mr Fnorter, he had too many “drinkie drinkies” this morning.

  23. lisa Says:

    I have a problem with the goth look at school, since it sends mixed messages to people, most of them bad. I don’t have a problem with boys wearing makeup. After the child has received a few lumps from boys not wearing makeup, he’ll decide for himself that sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.

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