Mitchieville under attack

Regular commenter dmorris is in some hot water over at this post *.

Lacking substance, the ouiji board is out and the various and sundry free market censors are censoring. O, how a lack of government spending on thought control is bad.

26 Responses to “Mitchieville under attack”

  1. nancy Says:

    I will be matching my NRA membership fee to your PayPal account.

  2. dmorris Says:

    I won’t forget this Fenris! Wanna go moose hunting with me next Fall? ;-)

  3. Shere Khan Says:

    Bwahahah! Pop goes the weasel….

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Moose hunting? Sounds dreamy.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    The trouble dmorris is facing can be easily taken care of by “this thing of ours”

    Is the old unmarried bird that’s got it in for don, just looking to get laid, as a means of forgiveness between them?

    I looked at her site, new soylent green blogspot has better attractions.

  6. The Mayor Says:

    Perhaps if we promise her a brand new community center in her neighbourhood, the problem will go away.

  7. dmorris Says:

    Yeah,according to those folks at that site, being humorous on a humor blog is just wrong! marc, you do the honors,she ain’t my type.

    hi Shere! ;-)

  8. The Mayor Says:

    Whoa, that isn’t the same one that use to go to Dust My Broom and kick up a fuss all the time, is it?

  9. Mugs Says:

    dmorris in trouble ? Wow…. :)

  10. The Mayor Says:

    Mugs? Where you bin at?

  11. dmorris Says:

    Yep,Mayor,that’s the guy! I’ve missed him since the glory days of DMB.

    btw, did you happen to notice my modest rejoinder to the Yankee lady Fenris linked to?

    I applied just a BIT of artistic licence in my description of Mitchieville.

    hey Mugs! ;-)

  12. The Mayor Says:

    lol…I was actually talking about the chick.

  13. You can lead a horse to the internet, but you can’t make him look anything up | The Twisted Spinster Says:

    [...] oh dear. Cry moar, emo “satire” site. Oh well, if we can’t laugh at some kid getting shot to death because he has a [...]

  14. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    The duty librarian at the Supreme Central Library of Mitchieville has mislaid the keys to the arming device for the Library nuclear missiles, the three Russian ones (painted that queer hostile green for the record) in the East atrium. If anyone finds a set of keys on a blue key ring (labelled ‘Nuclear Missiles, East Atrium’) please return them to the Lost and Found. A blue privilege token is in it for the lucky patron.

    They were last seen in the Magazine section.

  15. cudgel Says:

    I’ve always maintained dmorris is a troublemaker. Put the rabble-rouser on strict curfew and thin gruel rations. Next thing you know we’ll have a Mitchieville spring on our hands.

  16. marc in calgary™ Says:

    “comments are closed”

    Little Green Footballs hardly ever did that…

  17. Mugs Says:

    I’ve been around and I’ll be checking in more seeing who’s next in the utopian cross hairs …

  18. HD Says:

    Topnotch comment thread, you guys. Kept it clean, and didn’t even allude to cat lady hygiene. (I bet she’s got a cat named Hymie.)

  19. aelfheld Says:

    Lacking substance, the ouiji board is out and the various and sundry free market censors are censoring. O, how a lack of government spending on thought control is bad.

    Dear God, what a bunch of pathetic pantywaists. An ignorant comment is criticised, rightly so, and the lot of you resort to cries of censorship and personal attacks.

    FYI, it’s ouija not ouiji.

  20. dmorris Says:

    Seeing as you don’t seem to understand that THIS is a humour site, where damned near anything goes,except disrespectful references to our patron saint,Princess Di, take a quick look at the link I just posted, for an idea of where I’m coming from.

  21. nancy Says:

    Mr. Morris, that kind of humor is funny only when others use it…don’tcha know, bro ?

  22. dmorris Says:

    Thanks,nancy! That was beautiful! ;-)

  23. The Mayor Says:

    aelfhead – to be fair, it was only DMorris resorting to cries of censorship and personal attacks. The rest of us were cool with it (DMorris is a trouble maker).

    And thanks for the Spellcheck, that was very helpful.

    Thank You,

    The Mayor

  24. dmorris Says:

    “(DMorris is a trouble maker).”

    With all due respect,Mayor, Bullshit!

    I am a victim, of not only the Stiff-necked Spinster and her peripatetic hordes, but of the Vast Zionist Conspiracy,of which I am convinced she is a member!

    I just HAD to mention that Zimmerman is a Jew,and right away I get attacked by wrinkled crones working for Mossad or the local JDL!

    Aren’t you goddamned people satisfied with perpetrating 9-11 and blaming it on the Arabs? Do you have to ruin ME too as an example of your widespread creeping power?

    Oh,and aelfhead,thanks for the spell check from me also. No matter if emotions run high,there is NO excuse for bad spelling!

    I think THAT’s in the Old Testament.

  25. The Mayor Says:

    It is in the bible…near the middle somewheres. Hey, the bible is a jew book, ainit?

  26. dmorris Says:

    No.I think that’s the Koran.

    I’ll look it up on the internet.

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