You cannot trust the government

Does anyone trust the government these days? When you get your burger from the fast food operation that is the state, do you check to see if they put on the pickles they were supposed to? and left off the mustard like you requested? Those legions of state employees, whores for pensions, slimy skinned dwellers in the swamp, whose shuffling of papers and selection of paper clips affects your destiny; they are without oversight, and motivated by mean political agendas. They hate you because you work, you church, you have white skin. Nobody trusts them. Nobody.

Not trusting the government is yesterdays news. When did you last meet someone who did trust the state? Last century. Back in the twentieth century. Long ago. Maybe never. Have you ever met anyone who trusts the state? Only the intensity of distrust is in question. Intensity is a variable influenced by distance from the state. There are those that work free of the meddling of the incompetents of the state; there are those that have the name of the state on their weekly pay check. Which are you? You are filled with loathing. You do not trust the state, its policies, its agents, nothing about it. So, when it comes to things of responsibility, whom do you trust? Better yet … do you trust yourself?

Sonjia DeSade has a gun. Let us just talk about this one gun she has, and leave the other guns she owns out of the discussion. Now, I was visiting Sonjia DeSade one day. Could I trust her with the responsibilities of gun ownership? Could I trust myself around a gun? Better yet: do you trust yourself with guns? It is easy enough to not trust the employment equity incompetents of the state with guns, responsibility, or much else; but what about yourself? If there are guns around, better you have them than someone else. You can trust you, can’t you? If you do not trust yourself, then you have some inner work to do.

I trust myself. I distrust the state, corporations, and most everybody I do not know the character of. Why should I let these large, collectivist entities, with a proven track record of failure, incompetence, racism, and denial of vegetarian alternatives, have possession and use of larger, more dangerous technologies? Whom would you trust most with the stewardship of atomic weapons: the employment equity incompetents of the state, or yourself? If there is going to be a finger on the button, it should be your finger. My finger is on the button; I, Fenris Badwulf, have command and control of nuclear weapons. I sleep better at night; and when you have your own, personal, arsenal of whatever it is that gives you most concern (atomic weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, or the ability to create paper money, whatever), you will be happier, and farther along your path on the road to the pursuit of happiness.

How many other people out there have atomic weapons? They are not as big as you think they are. The warhead from a 2.2 kt anti-aircraft missile sits beside the freezer in the basement. It is a grey sheet metal box, a bit scratched, and I need to keep it plugged into a two phase, 250 volt outlet. My cat likes to sleep on top of it when I am down in the basement. I put a cat pillow there. When the building inspector came by, to check on some structural work I had done on a building addition, he leaned against the 2.2 kt atomic bomb, and gossiped with me and drank my beer. A lot of people have atomic weapons; and for all the atomic weapons in civilian control, none have been used irresponsibly.

I do not trust people who do not trust themselves with guns. You just know that a leftist will quickly shoot himself in the head, or, more likely, the foot, the knee, or scrotum, with a gun if left unattended. If you cannot trust someone with a gun, they should be in prison. There are many things out there as dangerous as guns: cars, for one. There are things out there that are fragile: children, old people. If you cannot trust someone with a gun, that person should be in a protected environment. If some leftists utters that they won’t have a gun in the house, that means they cannot be trusted with responsibility. They will knock over the candle into the Christmas tree; store rat poison beside the pastry flour; store rubbing alcohol in empty vodka bottles; and give small, hard toys to teething children to play with. It is the people that cannot be trusted with guns that are the problem. If you lived in a community where everyone owned a gun, and was a responsible gun owner, you would not have the stinking legion of social problems that grow like toilet scum in our society. Show me a person you trust with a gun, and I will show you someone who builds up society, and is not a tapeworm.

People who own atomic weapons do not talk much about it. We already know that the sort of people who shoot themselves in the scrotum would chimp out if they knew about our responsible ownership of atomic weapons. The state lacks the skill set to look after my collection of Russian atomic artillery rounds. The one atomic round I got from the state, (I bought it at an auction of good seized by police), has been badly scratched. The contact fuse in the nose is dented: some police services worker dropped the round on its head. I feel better knowing that I have this atomic weapon in my care and possession, than someone else. Before we can begin discussions about private ownership of atomic weapons, we must settle the score with the irresponsible leftists who cannot be trusted with simple, directed particle devices. I can accept the fact that they are clumsy, unused to work, mentally lazy, and easily distracted by the attractive shape of obese women. They are children, trapped in adults bodies. They have escaped from the playground, and back to the playground they must go.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

4 Responses to “You cannot trust the government”

  1. Arty Says:

    Fenris, are you saying that Mitchieville is defended by a single 2.2 karat thermo-nuclear device which is guarded by a cat that sleeps on the job? This has to be a devious disinformation ploy on your part, or did you employ one Barak Hussein Obama to negotiate for you at the last round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks?

    Jussssst kidding, this is the Internet so you can’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see. And no statement is completely true. Except this one of course. Good disinformation strategy though, right up there with the ’squirrel deception ploy’ the allies used so effectively during the cold war. That’s when we were smarter than the Russians. Gawd I miss those days.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Single? No, many.

    Mitchieville? No, these are for my personal use. I will ask the Mayor if he has any atomics.

  3. JDN Says:

    I find that responsible nuke ownership is a lot safer to talk about in mixed company now that the registry’s been scrapped.

  4. Steynian 459st « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] shopping mall; Inside Mitchieville; Moment of Meditation; The passing of White Guilt; You cannot trust the government … [...]

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