Strength and Justice

What use is Justice without Strength? Without Justice, where does Strength lead but to a fall? Strength, in our society, is considered bad when untempered with service, with sacrifice, with some form of abnegation of that which makes Strength strong. The Tarot card Strength is associated with the astrological sign Leo, the lion. Lions are not noted for service, sacrifice, nor weakness. All in all, being the best is worst in our society. Being smart, strong, good looking, or somehow excelsior is somehow racist, sexist, and anti-vegetarian. There is no logic here, just that bad smell that statists leave on things successful, creative, and triumphant. This is not Strength and Justice, but something else. It makes me laugh. Without Strength, there is no tax base to ladle out to the never workers.

This version of Justice does not wear a blind fold. She can see right into you; like a (soon to be ex) girlfriend on a rant. No laws of man slow this one down: you are left with only your foundations: hopefully you have some. This may be painful if you team up Strength and Justice. It will be painful. Red lions and sharp, pointy swords?! But, you will be left with what foundations you have that are, well, just, and true. You can rebuild on the ruins; and if you think about it, this is the best of all possibilities. If you do not, it does not matter. You are going to get torn down anyway. Strength does a good job of tearing down; tempered with Justice, none of the good stuff gets cratered. Without Strength, Justice is blind, and cannot see the manipulations of the statists, the greedy, and the morally corrupt. This tarot card is associated with the astrological sign Libra, by the way. A sign always moving towards equilibrium; rarely resting at that point.

Study and contemplate Strength and Justice. You do not need to be ready for their approach, of course. You can hide in the darkness; tell yourself the ground is shaking because of traffic patterns; convince yourself that none of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse plays the banjo. What a pleasant surprise you have in store.

One Response to “Strength and Justice”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Give me strength o Lord,there IS no justice.

    If there had been justice,we wouldn’t have wasted a week on the death of Obamam’s illegitimate son at the hands of a Zionist extremist,whilst the passing of one of the greatest banjo pickers ever to grace God’s green earth went unnoticed!

    God bless ya Earl, that Bluegrass band in Heaven is richer by one fine musician.

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