The alternate title of this post is, “Future Obama Voters.”

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  1. dmorris Says:

    Please don’t mention World War 2 to these kids,the fact it was (allegedly) real might be too much for them!

  2. The Mayor Says:

    They would think that the WW part stood for “World Wide”…like, why is there a 2 instead of the word web?

  3. Mr Fnortner Says:

    I like to think that George W and “Heartless” Dick Cheney weren’t real.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Every boomer president has been a disaster.

  5. Mug Says:

    Bill Whittle just did a segment on kids not knowing the Titanic was real or that we really landed on the moon.

    Thought he may of exaggerated…. guess not.

  6. dmorris Says:

    HEY! Dammit, I’m a “boomer”!

    And you’re absolutely right.

    I STILL like Ike,patterned my golf swing after his.

  7. jim Says:

    I was born in the 60’s. I remember as a teen telling another teen that my Dad had fought in WW2. His response: “Did your dad die in the war?”.
    I think this kind of ignorance is a product of the ages of the respondents (look at their pictures–teens to early twenties) and a general lack of History education/retention in today’s youth.

  8. Zog Says:

    This is unbelievable and frightening. Makes one wonder about universal suffrage eh?

  9. Jeffery Walker Says:


    If you didn’t think the Titanic was real. I suggest you go learn all you can about some rather nasty fellows named Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

    What they did is being recreated in the USA under socialism, redistibution of wealth, OWS, etc.

    I suggest you give people like Rush Limbaugh the chance to help you to learn.

    Like, seriously.

  10. Joan of Argghh! Says:

    How’d all these kids get on my lawn?

    Heck, if it wasn’t for That 70s Show these kids would have NO sense of history beyond last week.

  11. John West Says:

    There is nothing stupider than a young woman. They are very good with nails, hair and shoes, but bit ships and world wars …. not their bag.

  12. Bastiat Fan Says:

    You don’t need to know history when you’re being trained to be an industrial drone working for the state. Study the actual history of so-called “public education,” and prepare to be horrified.

  13. oldguy Says:

    It’s OK. All anyone has to know is how to work a computer and like,talk like uneducated idiots and like, not actually know anything and be all stupid on networking sites and like, have all the latest electronic crap and like, they will belong, you know?

  14. manversgwtw Says:

    I was born in 1950.
    Raised on dinosaur eggs.
    Feed a whole family on one egg. Now you have to get a dozen of those chickeny things.

  15. Lance de Boyle Says:

    I teach at a college of edumacation. [Well, actually, I stay in my office with the lights real low, and drink steadily, to dull the reality.]

    When I mention Communism, Stalin, National Socialism, Soviet gulags, and death camps, students give me the “Huh? Well, what…ever” look. They have their flip flops and cell phones. Life is good.

    So I say, “This will interest you,” and show Youtubes of the camps being liberated. The piles of corpses, false teeth, shoes, glasses, skeletons hanging on barbed wire, mass graves.

    Some students cry a little. Others throw up in their mouths. I say, “Hey, how’s that ‘whatever’ working for you?”

    I pour myself another shot.

    A job well done.

  16. Sisyphus Hates Teacher Unions Says:

    I got $500 that the majority of those kids attend public schools in the United States.

  17. Rob in Katy Says:

    It would be interesting to ask them if they voted for Obama, if yes, then mention that they may have been ill informed on that info also…

  18. Andrew X Says:

    Now, now, when they finish their education, some of these girls could become great professionals, or even science explorers like Dr. Ballard. And following in his footsteps, they could devote a career in search of that other great historic shipwreck, the Poseidon. (It shouldn’t that hard to find, I understand there are two of them.)

  19. anybody Says:

    re: “Heck, if it wasn’t for That 70s Show these kids would have NO sense of history beyond last week.”

    Wait, the 70s were real?

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