“…taken around 1900…shows an old prospector and his cabin…working in the Pike’s Peak area of Colorado.”

“That stove could have been used to heat his gold. They did use mercury to remove gold dust from the ore. Then they would heat the gold/mercury mixture to vaporize the mercury and just leave the gold.  They learned that it was a very dangerous practice if they happed[ed] to inhale the fumes. By the way they still use mercury to remove gold from the ore. Gold dust will attach itself to the mercury and is a lot easier to recover then.  And that little black canister might contain mercury…”

2 Responses to “Prospectin’”

  1. Crusader Says:

    Nah, was used in the Spring – Fall to COOK. The heat from the One Wood stove would have not served any purpose until WINTER.

    Many farm homes even to this day have “Summer Kitchens”.

  2. Andy Says:

    That is pretty cool, Mitch!

    I’ve been on Pike’s Peak, while running the Pike’s Peak Marathon. It was one of the tougher ones I’ve won, too! ;)

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