April Was Cruel For CNN – CNN Is Cruel To Us Every Month

Scoring slightly below The Basket Weaving Network (BWN) and The Origami Channel (OC), April was the worst month for ratings CNN has seen in over a decade:

The once-dominant cable news network posted decade-lows among both total viewers (357,000) and Adults 25-54 (108,000). Versus April last year, CNN was down 21% in total viewers and 29% in 25-54. In comparison, leader Fox News CHannel was up 2% in total viewers (1.1 million) and 1% in 25-54 (273,000) and No.2 MSNBC was flat in total viewers (425,000) and down 5% in 25-54 (139,000).

As for CNN’s powerful evening line-up, that too was el bombsville:

John King USA at 6 PM was down 41% in the 25-54 demo, Erin Burnett Outfront at 7 PM was down 34%, Piers Morgan was down 14% at 9PM, and Anderson Cooper 360 was down 8% at 8 PM and 28% at 10PM. In primetime, CNN had its lowest rated month in nearly two years, since August 2010, in both total viewers (508,000, down 16% from last year) and adults 25-54 (149,000, down 22%).

What’s that word one uses to describe getting pleasure from other peoples misery? Oh, right, the word is pleasure. Colour The Mayor pleasured.

It’s hard to believe that very, very, very few people watched such enthralling segments as “Black in America” and “Soledad O’Brien’s Beyond Trayvon.” The Mayor would have thought no one alive could ever get sick of talking about race, how bad blacks have it in the States, and how whites are the root cause of everything. As for the nightly line-up of journalistas, there isn’t one primetime CNN’er who The Mayor wouldn’t like to see being attacked via an icepick. Every last one of them come across as condescending arseholes. From the arrogant and completely unwatchable Piers Organ, to Anderson “Teabagger” Cooper (Anderson has no doubt been teabagged a few zillion times himself), the whole lefty crew at CNN deserves exactly what they’re getting right now. And what they’re getting is exactly nothing.

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  1. mpalef Says:


  2. Heltau Says:

    breaks my heart. Any series show that showed that low of ratings would be pulled.
    Why not the clition news network and crecent news network be pulled for their lousy ratings?

  3. OMMAG Says:

    Made my day …………

  4. Buck Says:

    I blame Wolf Blitzer. I ALWAYS do.

  5. Steynian 459st « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] McDonald’s – Retro; Jewperman is a Jewperhero; Jack Of All Trades; CNN Is Cruel To Us Every Month; Rabies outbreak at the shopping mall; No One Likes Chelsea Clinton … [...]

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