Kelly McGillis – What The Hell Happened?

Tom Cruise is an alien, and aliens don’t age, so he has an excuse. But Kelly McGillis? What the hell happened? Now she looks like your mom. Not The Mayor’s mom, but YOUR mom. Don’t talk about my mom…she can hear you.

6 Responses to “Kelly McGillis – What The Hell Happened?”

  1. dmorris Says:

    Tom musta sucked the life outta her!

    Aliens will often do that type of thing.

  2. mare Says:

    I remember watching Top Gun and thinking she was really beautiful and I wanted to walk into a bar wearing that jacket, and being a jet scientist, and meeting Tom Cruise (only taller) and making eyes in an elevator, and teaching a class full of hot men.

    Sure glad I didn’t switch lives with McGillis and turn out to be an ugly old lesbian.

  3. paul mitchell Says:

    She came out as a Lebanese not too long ago. The law says you immediately have to look like Elton John when you do that.

  4. dmorris Says:

    So, old Tom failed to satisfy her and she switched sides!

    I KNEW there was a reason Tom became a Scientologist,the basis of which religion is if you pray fervently,whatever organs you like will increase in size.

    Ron Jeremy was the first Scientologist.

  5. Buck Says:

    Ron Jeremy was the first Scientologist.

    Are you sayin’ L. Ron Hubbard and Ron Jeremy are the same person? Who’d a thunk it?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Buck,that’s just an internet rumor,but sometimes……;-)

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