Foregone Toronto

Toronto, the City of Light. Now that political correctness is falling like the dark realm of Sauron, one can wonder what could have been. If the progressives had not squandered the wealth of the latter twentieth century on white guilt, what City of Light would have risen?

Services and Education. Those unfortunates we all knew in public school. They could not read, they ate glue, or they were angry. For every one you actually knew, there are ten imports from the never reading, glue eating, always angry overseas. But in Toronto they do not have eleven teaching slots to care for these eleven spastics. We had resources for one, and the knowledge and care and resources to turn that pre Trudeau monster into something loved, functioning, and sociable. For one, we have resources; for the many, nope. Tell me this is not so. Can the spastic get care, when there are so many, and more every flight into town? But think of the City of Light forgone, the one not flooded with illiterates, violent goat herds, and shiftless misogynists. In that foregone place our challenged youth would find the one on one mentoring, individualized instruction, and all that other good stuff that actually works. Resources for one, yes; for the third world, nope. This is the foregone paradise that the progressives have overspent on their way to slurping down ever more tablespoons of white guilt.

Subway that works. They never built the Queen and Eglinton subway lines, now did they. I mean, the funding was better spent on the useless architecture of political correctness. Wheelchair ramps that the wheelchair people never use; the elevators that I never see gimps on; and the wheelchair buses that I never see with passengers. Hopping on a subway line along the Queen street would have led to a blossoming of that stretch of the city. The City of Light would have been more Yonge and Eglinton than Jane and Finch, Flemingdon Park, and Malvern. But the progressives needed the slums to justify their soft arse jobs. No urban paradise for you, taxpayer, just a few generations of sitting in traffic, bumping over potholes, and hoping you do not drive into some slum where you can get pulled out of your car and beaten to death for being white. Foregone Toronto.

No free speech for you. I could go on. I hear details and other lost paradise stories in private, but never in the lick arse left media. Go grumble amongst yourselves.

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