Shitstorm 2012

Those survivalists, they always paint the coming disaster they prepare for as distant in time; big and scary for sure, but the actual time is vague. They acquire bail out bags, map escape routes, and keep the filters on their gas masks current. They will discuss the diversity of cataclysms they prepare for, in detail. But the actual end date is vague. Or was. No, good citizens of Mitchieville, the End is Nigh: The World Ends between now and the American Elections in November 2012 .

Are you prepared? You got food, water, weapons, medicine, and shelter? You have only a few weeks to complete your preparations; after that, you will be reliant on your wits and horded resources. The world ends in weeks, months, not years. Before the snow flies.

Race War. It does not matter if you do not believe there will be a race war. What matters are the hundreds of thousands that do. They are prepared; they want it. Factions on both sides of the divide; even those that cannot read and restrict their activities to breeding, dope peddling, and welfare spending. It will only take a lone wolf fanatic to start the mutually escalating massacres rolling. You know this is true. Then the well armed partisans will enact ghetto rules revenge. The media already plays up any racial violence, they cry Wolf, so when the real Wolf shows up, nobody will listen. And this election cycle, we have a leader who will either use the race card, or it will be perceived that he is using it. Expectations. Mobilization plans. August, 1914 * . Reality is secondary to the preparations and hair trigger reactions of the fanatics, criminals, and deviants whose agenda will cast a shadow on your life.

Plague. Every day now there is news about new anti biotic resistant diseases. Tuberculosis comes to mind. Not so much in the media are the stories about the diversity of cultures that do not practice hand washing. Many of these progressive imports work in health care. Are the non hand washing cultures responsible for the spread of anti biotic resistant plagues? Who knows? I do know that not hand washing will help every disease spread. And the e coli that keeps showing up in the food supply: your culture does not spit or wipe their shit sticky hands in food in food processing plants. Can you tell me with a straight face that all cultures are the same?

There are more things to talk about regarding this certain doom, but in a country lacking freedom of speech one cannot. The media is spooging white guilt over the news: does anyone believe in white hispanics but them? The end is nigh. Be prepared.

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  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Race war can be a drag.


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